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Yazumi is a calm, kind person who does not stop halfway, but goes further to achieve his goals. She moved with her father to the city of Hiroshima. In her first weeks, she felt rather enslaved and withdrawn, since her mother died, in connection with which, the two of them had to leave for another city. A new life in a new city seemed unbearable to her without that same soul mate. But as her new path continues, we will find out if she will find friendship and support on her slow, but very close path.

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Early morning in southern Japan. A light spring rain falls on the ground, awakening it from it's winter hibernation. The sky, still adorned with pearls of stars, seems to be saying, –"Look into this bottomless space, how it beckons with its azure light!" The green grass gives off a fresh, pleasant smell so clearly after a long winter cold. The sun rises more and more in height, enveloping with light all living things that come across on the way. Awoke up earlier than usual and quickly got ready, Yazumi started the engine of the motorcycle and rushing at full speed, hurries to the family Cafe, where an unusual holiday is to be held today. Her mom's birthday. The first four-tier cake decorated with icing and chocolate, which turned out to be very large and beautiful. A thin mesh of gold leaf and a drop of rose gold powder makes the product look even more refined than it actually is.

“Today's holiday will definitely be the best, I've been preparing for my mother's birthday for a long time, and it simply cannot go otherwise",– Yazumi thought dreamily to herself.

-Hey, Steven! Yazumi loudly greeted the waiter who was clearing something on the kitchen countertops. came to help with the preparations for the celebration of his best friend, as well as a work colleague.

- Hello, I brought the tablecloths and already arranged the tables and chairs in the right order. I think not only my mother will appreciate it, but also the guests.

- I don't care about the guests, you know. Thank you for helping me, otherwise I’m not very good at preparing for the celebration conspiratorially.

Haha, yes, yes, I know, I am both a detective, and an investigator, and a conspirator with a CAPITAL LETTER. (jokingly)

- You, comedian, I think it's better to hurry, otherwise we need to finish by 9:00.

- Don't worry, it's only half past seven, we'll definitely make it. After a while, Steve and Yazumi finished setting the tables and also finished cooking. The clock was running out, and the invited guests could already be seen at the door. A colleague kindly led them to a table and said that they would have to wait a bit more, since they were the first to come. After another time, all the guests were already in the cafe, smiles sparkled on their faces, everyone was waiting for the birthday girl in anticipation. The sound of a car pulling up is heard, and the door to the cafe opens. An attractive woman enters, with beautifully chosen hair and clothes.

"You look amazing today!"– the elegant, aged lady said as she walked towards Yazumi's mother.

- Oh, mom, thank you, it's you who helped me to take on such a look.

- Dear, it should be so, we are a family and our task is to help each other. The evening passed unusually well, the guests, satisfied, went home, in a small pastry cafe, they slowly began to clean up, wash the dishes, and return everything to its former form. The girl was walking in the park with her parents, admiring the beautiful sunset that fit perfectly into the day.

–"Mom, I'm glad that today was celebrated like that, you had fun and it makes me happy." Her mother hugged her and kissed said her, –"My girl will never let me get bored, and I really appreciate it". They smiled at each other, walked a little more and went home. The family, having waited for the right color at the traffic light, calmly crossed the road, chatting about everything in the world. After walking a little, Mr.Choky noticed that he had lost his keys. He started checking his pockets, but he couldn't find it.

- Suddenly they fell out on the road? - The wife expressed, and ran to the crossing, - dear, wait, - the voice of her husband was heard, but she did not listen to him. Waiting for green again, the woman hurried to find the keys. But having run out onto the road so suddenly, she did not have time to see how another car was driving, which the woman was supposed to miss. The car was driving at high speed without having time to slow down, she hit the fled. She fell to the ground, bloodied, showing no signs of life.

-Oh no! No, please, - the girl shouted when she saw what had happened and immediately ran up to the lying one. - "Call an ambulance, hurry!"

–Mom, be patient a little.

The ambulance alived quickly and took the victim to the hospital. Mr.Choky and daughter were by her side, wondering if everything would be okay. Waiting near the operating room, they hoped for a positive result. A little while later, the doctor came out and the relatives immediately approached him to find out how things were going.

“Doctor, tell me everything will be fine with her,” the husband said in a barely audible trembling voice.

- Sorry, but we couldn't save her... I'm sorry. That evening it all ended, the tragedy befell everyone who was present at the celebration that day. With a special blow, this was reflected in her beloved daughter, she was too worried about what had happened, and completely closed in on herself.

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