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Sometimes, it's not about being in love. Sometimes it's just for fun. Sometimes it's because they can. And sometimes it's for their own pleasure. Whatever their reason, these people are giving into their forbidden desires, no matter the consequences it may bring. Forbidden Desires is a collection of one shots where every touch is more forbidden than the last.

Erotik Nur für über 18-Jährige.

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Teenage Dream

Standing alone in the kitchen with him, my twenty year old hormones couldn't cope. I'd never been in a room with him alone so it was always easy to hide how I felt because I had to. Having a crush on your best friend's dad isn't exactly something to be telling people about. Least if all your best friend.

My crush started a few years ago when I was sixteen. It was then i realised how fit he was and given he still in his thirties (having become a young dad when he wasn't much older than me) made me realise that it wasn't the age gap that makes of this weird, its the fact he is a dad and just old enough to be my own dad.

Yet, that didn't matter to me. The important fact was he wasn't my dad. He was a good looking (and still is) bloke and the idea of being alone with him always flustered me a little.

Now here I am, four years later, in that exact situation, waiting for Hannah to come home so we can go out like we planned but all I'm thinking about is how much I wish we could quench that teenage fantasy of mine.

I'm home from university for the weekend and have arranged with Hannah to go out for the day so we can catch up. She better be here soon otherwise I may have found other plans for the day.

Mr. Dantan may be in his late thirties now but he still looks the same as he did four years ago and I want more than ever to wrap myself around him.

His mouth curves into a slight smile and I realise I am staring but also that he has been staring at me for just as long. I abruptly look away and stare at a random spot on the wall beside me.

"How's university going?" He suddenly asks and I find myself looking at him again.

"Fine. Tougher this year but fine." I nod and look away wishing she would hurry the fuck up. What the hell is she doing on a Saturday morning that takes so long?

"What are you studying again?"

"Psychology." I answer this time without looking at him, feeling awkward each time as if I am giving away something in my eyes.

Despite university being the time to experiment with various things, l haven't exactly ticked many boxes, especially that. So you could say part of me is gagging for it; for the experience.

"And what does that entail?"

"Looking at how the brain works and reading people's body language to determine how they feel or why they acted a certain way." My heart beat increases and I sense I need to look up. When I do, I see him standing next to me his eyes a little south of my face.

"What do you see in my body language?"

I glance down and rake my eyes up his body from his waist and lock eyes with him, my heart beating more wildly than before. I open my mouth to speak but no words come out. This seems to satisfy him.

"You know, I thought you would have noticed after all these years."

"Noticed what?"

"That I know exactly what you are thinking when you are around me." He holds my face with one hand and leans towards me. "How you wish we were alone just once so we could get up to no good." His hand slowly slides to my neck. "How much you wish we could live out your fantasy." He smiles when I look at him surprised. "It wasn't hard to work out. Subtlety is not your strongest skill." His hand trails down my body, just grazing the edge of my breast and I gasp slightly.

His touch shouldn't turn me on this much but it does and I need some attention right now. I don't care that he knows I've wanted him all this time; I don't care that he knows I've had a crush on him for so long. I need him to make a woman of me.

"Please." I whisper and look in his eye again knowing he will take the hint.

He remains silent and replaces his hand on my neck with his lips and I let out a quiet moan as he presses me against the wall behind me.

My body responds to his touch a little too much and he claims my lips roughly, pressing himself into me. I start to rub against him and lift a leg around his waist needing to feel him more closely.

He lifts my other leg around him and I gasp as he rubs against me.

"Fuck!" I whisper, breaking my lips from him and I lean my head against the wall.

"Were taking this upstairs'." I merely nod as he carries me away and up the stairs entering what I assume is his room.

As soon as I am laid on the bed, his body is on mine and I reach in between us for his chest, placing my flat palm against it while wrapping my legs around his waist once more.

My hands are soon pinned above my head and I moan that I can't touch him anymore but he seems to take as a sign to keep going. He traps my wrists in one of his and uses the other to feel up my skirt and find the waistband of my tights. He wrenches them down my legs and when I feel the air hit me I realise my underwear has gone too. He has definitely done this before.

I feel a shift in weight and open my eyes to see he is now stood up with his back to me, fiddling with something. It takes me a second to realize why and when he turns back I am met with his huge erection pointing back at me. I will never be able to look him in the eye again after this. Not with this image burned into my mind.

He kneels on the bed and lines himself up. "Something tells me you haven't done this before so we'll go slow." He pulls me towards him slightly. "If you need me to stop then we'll stop." He pulls me closer, letting my legs rest on his thighs and I stare at his member as he slowly pushes forward into me.

My eyes lock on the ceiling above as I try to determine how exactly he feels slowly sliding inside me. At one point I gasp and find him smiling.

"Found the right spot then." He withdraws as slowly as he entered me, retracing his movements over and over, causing me to react each time. "Let's speed this up a bit."

He accelerates his thrusts and I close my eyes from the pleasure, gripping the bed sheets beside me as he hits me right over and over.

I lose of sense of self control and let him know just how much I am loving this every time he slams back in. I clench my eyes tighter as everything seems to get more heightened telling me one of us must be close.

I lay beside him trying to get my breathing under control and make the mistake of glancing over at him to find he is still very excited. He catches me looking and I feel my cheeks burn but can't look away.

"You're still..." not used to this kind of conversation, I stop, my eyes still transfixed on him pointing to the ceiling.

"I guess this is what you do to me now." He gestures for me to move closer. "You may need to relieve me from this every time I see you now." He pulls me closer. "Sit on me."

I remain still for a moment, pretty sure I know what he is asking but not sure I can handle it. He actually wants us to do it again. I don't know the first thing about riding someone. He senses my hesitation and runs a hand down my arm.

"We'll take it slow." He tugs on me again and I slowly oblige, more out of curiosity than anything else.

I straddle him, but stay high, not touching him at all. He places his hands on my hips under my dress and guides me lower and lower until I feel him start to stretch me again. I close my eyes at the sensation, feeling vastly different that before.

I give myself a few seconds to work up the courage to move and gasp when I slide back down him. This is totally different than before and I want to savoir the moment but at the same time I want to let loose and go for it so I have barely anytime between each motion. I start slow, feigning the need to adjust to him and this new position but soon can't handle the anticipation anymore and use all my energy to give it all I got.


I smile as he whispers the word, surprised that I could do this to him. I don't let up and find myself panting and moaning each time he fills me up again.

His hands reach further up inside my dress and cup my breasts causing me to lean my head back more.

"Ah!" I moan louder than ever and feel the tension in my legs as I speed up a little bit more.

He squeezes my breasts harder and I know he is close now. He starts to leak inside me and he holds my breasts tightly in his firm hands.

I ride out the wave as his grip suddenly lessens telling me he has finished. I slowly open my eyes as I slow down and look at him, knowing that every t8me I see him now I will be craving his touch and every innocent touch will send a fire through my body, a fire only he will be able to put out.

Once my breathing is almost back to normal I roll off him onto the other side of the bed and wonder how long we've been up here for. Has Hannah come home and we haven't realised? Is she about to walk upstairs and knock on the door? What if she knocks and then opens it to find us here in bed together? A million questions go through my head but soon disappear when a hand rests between my legs.

"Hope you're not feeling too sore."

I glance at and smile slightly. "No."

"Because if you were, I could always give you a very special massage." His hand starts slow circles on me and I push my head into the pillow, closing my eyes once more. "Would you like that?"

I nod slowly, not capable of forming words especially when he teases entering one finger. When he finally inserts it, I arch my neck and groan. But that feeling is nothing compared to the entrance of a second finger and even the third.

I am completely at his mercy and I may find myself coming home from university more often just for this. Maybe I could transfer to one nearer home so I can get this on the regular.

A door slamming jolts my eyes open and I stare at him in shock knowing Hannah must be home.

"Shhhh!" He looks at me. "We're not leaving until you're satisfied. Just stay quiet."

I nod, not sure I can manage that - I am totally going to give the game away. I bite my lip to keep myself from crying out but the more he slides in, the more intense it feels, the more I want to let him know exactly how he is making me feel.

A small whimper escapes my lips and as I get closer to my release, I look at him and he seems to sense my predicament because he kisses me hard on the hips to mute my excitement as I finally come over his fingers.

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