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INT. DISCO - EARLY MORNING Half full. NATALIA ROST (19) and her best friend, MORA (19), both from Córdoba, are dancing discreetly in a corner of the dance floor, facing each other. At the same time, Mora is holding a Cristal in one hand and her mobile phone in the other, where she's looking at it. Natalia watches the people entering the place. NATALIA When is this Alexis guy coming? Mora, still looking at her mobile phone, shrugs her shoulders. MORA They told me they were coming. A moment later, Mora looks up and looks over Natalia's shoulder at BRUNO LOMBARDI (27), from Córdoba, who is leaning on the bar, looking at Natalia. Mora approaches Natalia's ear. MORA (CONT.) Behind you there is a boy who hasn't stopped looking at you since we arrived...

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Genre: drama/romance (young adult-contemporary).

First of six independent stories, linked by an epilogue.

What is written in italics and/or in inverted commas may mean:

a) A topic (health, music, law, etc.), not consulted with professionals. Consequently, it's subject to change.

b) Something that needs to be completed.

The story will probably not be understood because it's an automatic translation. If it's understood:

a) Don't hesitate to leave/send me feedback (opinions, questions, recommendations, etc.). I may be late, but I always respond.

b) I'll publish the remaining four stories.

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