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Marianne von Edmund, a student at the Officers' Academy, has had to flee with all her classmates, after the invasion of the Garrech Mach Officers' Academy by the Adrestian Empire, led by its new Empress, Edelgard von Hresvelg. On her way home, and after separating from her companions, Marianne is attacked by some bandits. It is there when she is rescued by an old friend from her childhood, Leonard. Marianne will discover a secret about her friend that could plunge the continent of Fódlan into a debacle. Together, they will embark on an adventure across the continent of Fódland, especially in the territories of the Leicester Alliance, to prevent Leonard's secret from falling into the hands of both the empire and Those Who Slither in the Dark. They will be joined by some companions from the Golden Deer’s house for this purpose. In turn, Marianne will awaken a capacity in herself that she would never have expected to live: that of fighting for what she wants and deserves. Disclaimer: This is a fanfic story set in the world of Fire Emblem: Three Houses with no purpose other than to present an alternate reality to the narrative of the game's own lore. It has no associated commercial purpose. © 2019 Nintendo / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS Co-developed by KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD. Fire Emblem and Nintendo Switch are trademarks of Nintendo © 2019 Nintendo. Illustration collected from the tumblr account of @mayomoyo.

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Zanado 's canyon looked more convulsed than ever. A gang of soldiers and monks from the western church were chasing a man covered in a dirty and threadbare hood. His appearance did not stand out at all: he was not particularly tall, nor stocky. His face couldn't be seen, but only an unkempt beard was visible, making him look even more of a hermit. Despite this, the guy would not be more than 20 years old.

That hermit knew very well why they should pursue him, but he was not clear why a guy in dark armor mounted on a black horse commanded that group that sought to take him over. The dark knight told his gang “«Let him live; I will claim his soul».

Suddenly, the subject noticed that he had reached a gorge. There was no choice but to fight. The first to approach the hermit was a soldier, who before even making the move to use his sword, fell dead to the ground. Thus, the scene was repeated with all the other soldiers and priests. Eventually, the only one of that gang left standing was the dark knight.

—That was the "Failnaught", right? said the gentleman, in his voice from beyond the grave.

—I'm not going to tell you anything —was all the hermit replied.

"Ha ha ha, —that gentleman laughed as he got closer—. Don't think me stupid, please.

As he finished saying those words, the knight swung the scythe he was carrying towards his rival, and after that, cast a lightning spell at the hermit. It was impossible to avoid that spell, but it would be worse after receiving a cut from that weapon. The hermit decided to receive the magic, which made him half numb. After that, he was able to avoid the blow that the knight was going to give him.

The fight lasted for at least two minutes, in a dynamic of hitting and dodging that was boring that dark lord. At one point, he feinted as he was going to strike a blow at the hermit; instead of hitting him with his weapon, he punched him in the stomach.

Once he found his rival on the ground, writhing, the knight asked him:

—How much are you looking for resisting? You know you have no escape.

—Fuck off —was all the response he got from the hermit.

—It doesn't matter. They told me to come back with the codex, not with you.

At that moment, when the knight began his last attack, the hermit looked at the edge of the cliff. There seemed to be a running river. It sounded somewhat trite to jump in and go with the flow, as well as being something difficult to achieve and get out alive, but there was no other option.

Just before taking that well-aimed blow from the scythe, the hermit rolled to the ground, cast a weak fire spell at the dark lord's horse, and jumped into the gorge. The horse was scared, but the knight managed to calm it down with blows.

-Damn! the enraged dark knight yelled.

Within seconds of the escape, some reinforcements arrived to see what had happened. The dark lord, without making any gesture, said to them:

—Follow that fellow down the Tairnngire River! The current will probably take him a long time.

By now, the honor of the Death Knight was somewhat damaged. He considered that the mission would be simpler, and that that "poor weakling" of the cleric that he had to chase would not give so much resistance. «That thing is definitely more powerful than what Arundel told me» was all the knight thought, as he stared at the defile.

Death Knight

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Maria  Gabriella Lazzarini Maria Gabriella Lazzarini
Sorry for my ignorance, Except for my crush on Captain Harlock (animation) when I was a child, I don't know much about this type of video game, manga, etc. So this could be considered as fan-fiction?
June 09, 2023, 01:04

  • Raúl Fernández Raúl Fernández
    As far as I know, yes. It also mixes a couple of original characters and alternate events to the game's story. But the base of the game is there. June 09, 2023, 01:07

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