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In a town full of gossips, A widowed duchess flirts with both single and married men in Cambridge. What will become of her in the end?

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Questions and Worries


Fade In:

Cut To: Trumpington, Cambridge, England.

Marquess and Marchioness Meyer, The newest couples in Cambridge having dinner gracefully in their huge castle.

*A Little Description

The old castle was inherited by Marquess Julius Meyer III, From the predecessors of the Meyer family after his wedding with Aria Anton, Daughter of Earl Anton.

Being a Marquess at the age of 25, Has made almost all the ladies in cambridge fall in love with Julius. He was long known as the ladies man till he got married to Aria, And that, proved them all wrong.

Aria on her side is a peaceful and lovable lady with lovely features and a very long chestnut brown hair. The twenty-two year old, is commonly refered to as "The Baker Of Cambridge" As she bakes all kind of cakes and pastries with authentic receipes, She also baked her wedding cake with her secret chesnut receipe, Which was conformed from her chestnut brown hair.

Aria is well known for her unique receipes, Which caught Julius Meyer's attention, and he fell in love with her even more....

Cut To:


Servant 1(Berger): (walks to the dinning table)

"My lord, a letter from the duchess"


"Oh Than-"

Aria: (streches forth her hands)

"No Berger, Let me have it"


(Stares disbelievingly while putting down his fork) " Might i ask when you started receiving official letters meant for me?"


"Does it matter?" (Opens the letter and reads through)....

*To The Family Of Marquess Meyer*

You are amiably invited to the grand ball of Lady Dorcas, For the opening of her new castle in Newnham, Cambridge.

Date:20th December,2022. Time:Noon.

*Do well to come with your card as the occasion is strictly on invitation*



Lady, Dorcas Sherlock, (The Duchess Of Cambridge). *

Aria read finally.

Aria :

An invitation from the Duchess? Pray tell you are not attending that ball Julius?


It's quite a privilege Aria. Why are you so pessimistic when it comes to the duchess?


Haven't you heard of the new tittle-tattle permeating in the capital?


(with a wide grin) You still believe in those rumors Aria, What a funny woman you can be.


Everyone believes you are in a secret relationship with the Duchess, How could you possibly attend her ball, When you both are the talk of cambridge?(Aria said with tears gathering her eyes)


(retorted angrily, smacking the table) 'Tis why I always have problems with you, Believing every rumor that spreads in cambridge. (in a calm tone) Aria, I have no bussiness with the duchess. We just got married a couple of months ago, What makes ye think I will do such thing?


( Bursts Into tears)And what makes you think I will believe you?




I asked a ques-


I wish not to speak or hear of this argument again. (Julius said covering his face with his right palm).

Aria: But-


Thanks for spoiling dinner.(Julius withdrew angrily from the dinning while Aria kept crying).

*** Fade Out****

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