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It may take time for a heart to heal. But sometimes, you can move on quickly. Especially with someone you looked up too since he started.

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Chapter 1


"Hello everybody my name is Markiplier, and welcome to Three scary games!" Mark said through my phone as I was getting ready. I was going on a date with Quill, my boyfriend. We hadn't been on a date in months. So I was pretty pumped. Anyway, I continued getting ready while watching Mark play his three games.

I had already put on my lovely red silk gown and applied my makeup. My hair was only halfway done. When I was attempting to finish my hair. Quill made a call. "Hello?" I said as I answered the phone. "Hello, Lovely. Are you almost finished because I am? "Quill was ecstatic. I laughed "Yes, I'm almost finished. I just have to finish my hair." I can hear Quill squealing and jumping. "OK, I'll be there soon!" I cracked a smile. He reminds me of a small child, which I adore! "OK, I'll see you soon." I hung up and resolved to watch Mark's video later.

When I was finished with my hair, I grabbed my purse, stuffed the lady items I needed inside, and put on my perfume. I took my phone and walked out of my bedroom and towards the door. I didn't have to dig for my heels because I had already placed them in the living room near the front door. As Quill pulled up, I put them on and walked out the door. I couldn't help but smile because it had been so long since Quill and I had spent quality time together. "You look amazing," Quill exclaimed. "Thank you babe," I said, looking down slightly. "You, too, look fantastic!" I said. Quill smiled broadly as he drove out of my driveway. "Thank you, hun," he said as he drove to a restaurant.

I turned up the radio and put on our favorite station on. Our song was playing, Don't Stop Believing, and we just sang our hearts out. Then more of our favorite songs came on. By the time the commercials came on we arrived at the restaurant. It was beautiful! My breath was taken away. Quill got out and opened my door for me. I got out and we went inside. "Hi, do you guys have reservations?" The hostess said. Quill nodded, "yes ma'am!" Quill exclaimed. "Alrighty, Whats the name?" The Hostess looked at Quill and smiled softly. "Quill" He said as he smiled back. I hugged his arm as the hostess spoke again. "Alright, follow me!" She lead us to this private room that had only one table with two chairs. It had a white vase with a purple rose in it and the room was light up by candles. It was so beautiful and just so like AHHH. Y'know?

Quill drew my chair out for me, so I could sit. When I sat down, he followed suit. "This is stunning, babe," I exclaimed, my face flushed. "Just as beautiful as you, my love," he smiled, and the waiter entered the room we were in to take our drink order. "Can I get you both something to drink tonight?" The waiter explained. "Please give me a Dr. Pepper and a glass of red wine," I said with a small smile. "All right, how about you, sir?" The waiter explained. "I'm going to do the same thing. But can I have water instead of red wine?" The waiter gave a nod. "Of course," the waiter said as he walked away to get our drinks. I checked the menu and see what they're eating. Our drinks arrived once I figured out what I wanted to eat and what Quill wanted to eat. "Miss, please have Dr. Pepper and red wine, and Sir, please have Dr. Pepper and water. Are you ready to place your order?" The waiter looked at us both as he slid the serving tray between his body and arm and pulled out his pad and pen. We nodded and placed our order. "I'll get your food to you as soon as possible! You will LOVE the food here!!" The waiter smiled and walked away.

Quill smiled as he looked at me. "I've got something for you," he said, pulling out a white envelope and handing it to me. "Open it," he exclaimed excitedly. I took my time opening it. I took out two tickets after fully opening it. I was a little perplexed, but I read the tickets carefully and aloud. "You're welcome, Markiplier, Part II tour." I exclaimed and shot a quick glance at Quill. "No wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy "You absolutely should not have!" I began to cry a little bit. Quill was well aware of my devotion to Mark. I had always wished to meet him. And the opportunity to possibly meet him or simply see him up close is a dream come true. "You've earned it! I know you needed this break "He stated this. He held my hand, and we talked the rest of the night.


As we had finished eating and had paid for the bill. We entered the vehicle. I was a little tipsy and couldn't stop laughing. I was completely at ease. I haven't felt this liberated in literally years. Quill had a genuine understanding of who I was. He so made the decision to drive about for a while. Quill then drove me home after I had calmed down. I dozed off, so he brought me into my house. He dressed me in my pajamas and tucked me in. He placed a water bottle and my headache medication on my nightstand so that I wouldn't have to go get them when I woke up the following day. The ideal boyfriend I've ever had was him.

I awoke the next day with the worst headache I'd ever had. I took a look around, mostly remembering what had happened. My Tylenol and a water bottle were visible on my nightstand. I opened the water bottle and removed a pill from the Tylenol bottle. I accepted it and then rose to take a shower. I changed into a pair of light blue jeans and a tiedye tee shirt after I finished my shower. I was straightening my hair when I received a text message from Quill.

Q- hey hun, how are you feeling?

Me- I'm feeling alright. I took some Tylenol this morning for my headache and took a shower. Now I'm up and ready to get the day going.

Q- that's good! I'm glad to hear that you're doing better.

Me- what about you?

Q- I'm good! Just getting ready for work.

Me- good!! Well, have fun at work ok??

Q- alright. I will. I love you!

Me- I love you more!

Q- I love you most! 💕

I gave a big smile. I went to my dresser to put my hairbrush down. I've seen the tickets Quill got me. My excitement increased. I double-checked the dates on the tickets. My eyes widened. "TOMORROW?" I exclaimed. I texted Quill.

Me- how long have you had the tickets?

Q- since they were on sale why?

Me- tomorrow is when mark is out here.

Q- yeah I know. 😉

Me- welp... looks like imma find an outfit!!

Q- alrighty!! See you tomorrow love!!

Me- see you tomorrow babe!

I was frantically searching my room for my Markiplier shirt. It was all black with a white M across it and a pink mustache. I spent about 30 minutes looking for it. "Ah HA!!" I exclaimed as I folded it and placed it on my dresser. I then folded a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and layered them on top of my shirt. I took my checkered vans and placed them by the door. I prepared everything for tomorrow.

I ended up cleaning the house and doing laundry. I finished cleaning in about an hour and a half. When I finally finished, it was around 11 a.m. I opened the fridge to see what was inside. I wasn't sure if I needed to go shopping. I sighed and jotted down what I needed from the refrigerator and cabinets. While I was doing those things, I washed the dishes and cleaned out my refrigerator. After that, I went to the store and got what I needed. When I got home, there was a rose bouquet on my front door step.There was also a note taped to the door. I smiled slightly, picked up the roses, took the note, and read it. I opened my door and placed the roses and note on my coffee table. I then returned to my car and loaded all of the groceries inside. I finished putting away the groceries and made some lunch.—

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