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Part one.

The more one faces the gray clouds of thoughts the more gloomy a person becomes.

Do not run with the wind but against it to prove to yourself the ability of the challenges.

Someone who knows who he stands by will never leave him alone in the rain.

False friends exist, but are they worth destroying our lives?

Rely on yourself, because you carry your life in your hands, not your neighbors.

Being beautiful is not in the exterior, but in the character.

There are these people, they are your best friends in the front, but behind them they throw dirt on you.


Someone who constantly, even on these gloomy days, shouts at the top of his voice, "I never have any problems,

is plagued by dark shadows.

There are two ways, either you are NEVER to blame and the others are ALWAYS to blame or you

consider that there are always two perspectives due to two people present.

Thinking positively is nothing more than ignoring your inner pig for once.

Unfamiliar situations can only be unpleasant for us if we allow them to be, unless we approach them with courage

and determined without thinking about our fear.

The problem is not the problem that lies in front of our nose but our thoughts that are characterized by our

which are characterized by our weaknesses.

Weaknesses are nothing else than once badly experienced situations and strengths, on the other hand, are a bit of talent and will.

The art is to keep one's eyes open and to get to know one's hidden abilities through experience.

through experience.

In the end, we are always learning, but our whole life will never be enough to learn EVERYTHING that is

there is in this world.

Who has never known the sunny side of life will not make friends with it so easily,

but often only with the dark side.

Strength testifies to the iron will not to give up.

Whoever flies extremely high will, in the end, fall very low.

In the end you help yourself, the other person can only make you think.

Life is too short for too much sorrow, learn to know the sunny side of life even in the rain.

Naivety comes from sorrowlessness.

You can buy pity from your neighbor, but you won't earn a cent from it.

Wise people are often invisible, smart people learn a lot, naive people are visible and loud.

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Rebecca Wolff Rebecca Wolff ist auf der schwäbischen Alb geboren, wohnhaft im Kreis Stuttgart. Schreiben ist ihr Hobby. Es ist wunderbar in die Welt des Schreibens einzutauchen und auch zu lesen. Sie denkt gerne über den Sinn des Lebens nach, hinterfragt auch vieles. Ihre eBooks beschreiben meistens das Leben.

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