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The peaceful blue

Sao Paulo, Brazil. Once a bustling metropolis filled with life and energy. But all of that changed when the zombies came.

It all started with a few isolated cases here and there, people falling ill and displaying strange symptoms. The doctors couldn’t understand what was happening in their bodies until it was too late. They became disoriented, aggressive like a rabid dog. Soon it became clear that they were not just sick, at least not in the way medical literature could describe.

The city was rapidly thrown into chaos as the zombies began to spread, attacking and infecting anyone they came into contact with. People panicked, trying to flee the city or find a safe place to hide. It is funny how everything we take for granted can turn into crumbles in a jiffy.

No matter what plans one can prepare to avoid the apocalypse, there was nowhere to run. The zombies were everywhere, and soon the entire city was overrun. The streets were filled with the disgusting, moaning creatures, and the once-beautiful view from the numerous rooftops was obscured by smoke and ash. The view was still impressive, but the smell of blood and fire. Oh, the smell!

In the midst of the chaos, small groups of survivors started banding together, each with their own clever idea to survive and determined to find a way to escape the city and the zombies that now controlled it. It was all for nothing. They scavenged for supplies, fended off the undead at every turn, and slowly tried to make their way towards the outskirts of the city.

As they neared the edge of the city, they could see hope on the horizon. They could imagine the coastal cities of Santos and Guarujá, they could already imagine a safer life in distant lands, places untouched by the undead and the stench that filled the cities.

They knew that they had to be strong and not give up, they had to survive. They looked back at the city they had once called home, now overrun by zombies, and knew that they were the lucky ones. Now there was little left to do, safe harbour was almost in reach.

But life is not a video game. There are no happy ends in real life. One by one they fell, affected by the mysterious disease that took over everything and everyone.

In the end all that was left was the peaceful blue infinite of the ocean, and that horrible smell.

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SH Sigrid Heirbrant
I bet there must have been one survivor!!
January 29, 2023, 18:11
Frederico Silva Frederico Silva
I really thought they would be able to get away to the ocean :)
January 26, 2023, 06:44

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