Abigail Day

Michelle Smith is a 14 year old with mixed feelings.

Drama Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren.

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Michelle Smith

Michelle woke up to get to school and got ready for her stupid alarm clock woke her at four in the morning. Makeup dazzled her pretty face as she walked out the room and said hello to her brother. Her brother smiled back although he never usually smiled back Michelle thought nothing. The Smith Family was doing great but she knew her parents thought something of her and wouldn't tell the lonely secret they have been hiding. Michelle was popular in school for her face and structure. Only her family and one friend liked her for her personality. No one would say she is a loner since she has a friend named Charlie Eckens. A red head with crystal blue eyes as Michelles only friend she thought was beauty. The two friends (although Michelle thought more) were the most popular. A few days later during school hours Michelle found Charlie laughing and talking about her. Tears fell like a waterfall as she ran to get away from the backstabber and her enemy. Although Michelle was popular she had a lone heart. That same day a girl found her crying in the bathroom stall she had once cried in too. She said hello in a polite way. Her name turned out to be Maddie Eckens.. Charlie's sister turned out to be alot nicer. Or was she a backstabber aswell?

Maddie was different to everyone else. Maddie was kind and thoughtful unlike her sister Charlie. Her brother Paul Smith was apparently the best at sports but the new kid in school was way better. Evelyn was better at sports and being ruder than Charlie, Charlie obviously had to become friends with the new girl and become most popular. Michelle didn't care, neither did Maddie. Since they were best friends they gave eachother nicknames. Michelle became Elle and Maddie became Addie. At 5 Addie asked Elle to meet up at the park and they did. They spent all night together where Addie fell in love with Michelles beauty and loved her too much. The rank of best friends moved up and was now BFFs. Addie loves Michelle but Michelle loves a girl/boy named Diana. Diana is her girls name, Dan is his boys name. Diane was for short.

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