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In the whole of Canada has a massive blizzard, coming to the whole of Canada. And then a creature in the blizzard will hunt carter and eat him alive. Can carter survive against the creature? Who and what is the creature? Christmas special 2022 Chapter 2 coming soon. --------------------- Note: Thankyou for supporting me and reading my books for 2022. I have a lot planned + so much instore for you guys just you wait. Hope you enjoy my last story of 2022. Thankyou for an amazing year! -Noah Rowland

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Christmas eve

Christmas special2022.

Clothes of guys for the substantial support for my 2022. This is my last story of 2022. You guys will enjoy it. There is much more amazing stories awaiting in 2023!

— Noah Rowland


I woke up in my bed looking at the roof. Looking at my decorated bedroom. A green-Christmas tree with yellow-lights, golden balls, starting to fade with the small to the top, and started to get bigger as it goes down to the bottom of the Christmas tree. Christmas tree bedding sheets laying on top of me ending to my neck; festive Pillows; tree pillow; a normal pillow with a reindeer in front of it, Christmas lights around the room, drawers on my right with a sign saying. “10 days until Christmas.”

I got up from bed, and started to begin my routine. Making my bed. I put my red, fluffy blanket fold at the bottom of my bed. And made my bed as straight as possible. Made my Pillows in a stance of a wedge. Christmas tree at the front. All the other Christmasy Pillows beside it.

And then, I get hot chocolate. Or, to be a bit more in a festive mood is to have hot chocolate. Or I can have coffee.

I walked downstairs and walked to the kitchen. To get some chocolate milk. I walked in front of the fridge. I saw the Samsung logo in the top right corner of the fridge, a black water dispenser on the left, black screen under the Samsung logo, and black sheet metal. Not only that, but I opened the top fridge door and saw on the fridge door a filled up chocolate milk carton. Furthermore, I grabbed the handle on it and picked it up. Likewise, I closed the fridge door, turned around and walked to the island (white marble table) I placed the chocolate milk carton on the table. I got a highball glass from a cabinet at the top of the fridge, and poured chocolate milk in my glass to the top. I picked it up and took a sip. I can taste the scrumptious cold Chocolatey sensation lying on my tongue; having the liquified texture; tasting a lot of the vanilla extract making the chocolate milk taste so much better.

I walked to the TV room. Seeing a big sectional couch. To the left against the wall with a rose-wood square table in front of it, and a table 5 feet (ca. 152 centimeters) tall rose-wood rectangular table with a Samsung QN90A 4K UHF TV against the right wall. in the middle of the couch, and put my drink on the table. And grabbed the TV remote on the table. I switched the TV on, And started watching the news.

“There will be a big blizzard coming to Canada. It will last until the end of 26th of December, stay warm guys!” Said the lady behind a modern Desk with brown hair, blue yes; ivory skin, full lips, and curly hair.

“Great, blizzards on Christmas day. And Christmas Eve,” I said to myself.

“Make sure to stay indoors and there is this dangerous creat-” I turned off the TV. I reached out for my chocolate milk and started drinking more. I finished my Drink, and put it in the sink. I walked upstairs, feeling the soft carpet below my feet as I walk to my room to get my clothes. I gathered my clothes, red soft pants, red thick jumper with a white Christmas tree on the front. I walked to my shower, which is just next to my room.

I walked to the right and went into the left room.

The room had a shower on the right at the back wall, a sink next to the shower on the left tiled heated floors, and 5 lights above. I wandered in the bathroom with my clothes. And looked at the light switch with 2 light switches at the bottom that says “Heat” on it. I switched those making a snap noise when it turned to face down. And the 3 non-heated lights that doesn't have a label on it that doesn't say “heated” on it.

I put my clothes on the sink And started to go shower.

I got out from the shower, I opened the glass-door from the shower as it vibrates. I put my hand on it to stop the vibrations.

And then the ligh started flickering a bit… I looked out of the window while there is a town wrapped around my whole body like a taco.

It's the blizzard, I thought.

And then, I heard a faint rawer in the distance.

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Marilyn Lindoor Marilyn Lindoor
I love the way this was written. Like flashes here and there of what you're seeing, especially in the first paragraph. keep it up, the suspense is riveting
January 04, 2023, 21:26

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