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Claire Dawson is just an ordinary girl before she was fourteen everything was going right for her she had a best friend Helen. Her grades at school were great and she had a loving family, but when her mother died things changed. Her Farther turned out to be a deadbeat dad and with no brothers and sisters she had to handle and do everything on her own and that was just the beginning. Everything changed when she was just heading home bringing beer back to her dad. She found out things that were not meant like vampires. Being kidnapped by a vampire was not what Claire was excepting but he had to keep his secret and so did she. Some things are meant to be kept a secret.

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Chapter 1

On your first day of high school, you are labeled and no matter what you say it defines you for the years you spend there and for some of us, it stays with us for a long time. Want an example? Well, there is me Claire Dawson known as the loner, freak, or invisible, those are the only few words people say to my face. Who knows what people say behind my back. Two years ago that was not the case. I had a best friend, her name was Helen Watts. We were friends since I can remember; sleepovers check, shopping check, boyfriend glancing check. All the things that you see in the movies about best friends we’re those people. Sure we had our arguments like stealing my chocolate terry orange that one time ( she never did it again) but we were there for each other no questions asked. That changed in a flash. You know the story girl meets guy comes infatuated and ignores her friends. Her boyfriend was Shane Dark labeled part of the bad boy group can’t say much about him because as soon as she got with him that was it for our friendship. No reason except for him. So you could imagine my surprise when she came up to me today at school.

“Claire is that you?” I turn around from putting my books into my locker. There she stood a person you could say looked the same, but I knew for a fact that was not true she had changed for him who stood there right next to her looking uncomfortable and well she looked completely nervous.

“Yeah what?” I snapped making her flinch in response. It seems harsh I know but sometimes emotions get the best of us.

“Okay... are you good? I mean lately, you don’t talk to me anymore and we don’t go anywhere and if we do it’s to my house. I haven’t seen your parents in ages?” Helen said.

“That’s another thing she doesn’t know anything about me anymore. What did I expect? I do not know but I guess she doesn’t even know what happened to my mom.

“I’m okay” I sounded like a robot. I tried not to make eye contact with her if I did I knew I would crack by shouting at her for what she did, but it was strange a part of me wanted to hug her and just tell her how much I miss our friendship. There is something wrong with me.

“So I’m thinking maybe we can hang at your house after school?” she asked while raising her other hand that was not clinging on to Shane’s arm and began to bite her nails, guess she never got rid of that bad habit.

“I’m sorry I can’t” Again a robot. Breathe. I told myself.

“Why...?” her emotions seeped through with the tone of her voice. She was upset but I couldn’t give in I just won’t.

“My dad is not at home and he doesn’t like people around when he doesn’t know,” I replied.

“Come on we could have a party at your house like we use to do even better because no controlling dad” she formed a slight smile on her face. That may have pissed me off just a little. Okay, a lot because I just got why she is talking to me. It’s because she wants to throw a party, I’ve been hearing rumors all week about a party but no place to have it. Guess I knew who was throwing this so-called party.

“No sorry” I replied while throwing my bag over my shoulder ready to get out of this conversation.

“Please! I’ve missed you and I want to see your mom too, she is home, right? I remember she works late so we can have a party then please!” she looked up at me with that puppy dog face that I couldn’t help, but say yes to, but not this time. I knew she was using me, a baby could figure that out.

“No, and by the way, my mom doesn’t work late anymore. She’s dead for about two years now” I slammed my locker shut and before I walked away I saw a glance of shock on Helen’s face a little part of me was happy about that, she deserved it right?

Shaking my head, I stormed through the crowd of students laughing, joking enjoying their day. I couldn’t stand it. As I made my way to the exit someone slammed into my shoulder nearly causing me to fall. I looked up to see Jason also known as the lead bad boy of the school walking away without a second glance or an apology, I didn’t know I was that invisible. Maybe it was just what happened with Helen, but my rage got the best of me.

“Watch where you’re going! Asshole!” I snapped and with that, I walked out. Just knowing that because of that moment, I added a new label to myself.

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