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Synopsis: This little novel is an example of a fiction that develops from a fantasy to a science fiction. Much of the adventure is psychological. The story is told in two acts in an autobiographical tone so that the reader identifies with the hero and immerses himself in the middle of the events. The syntax used is very easy, and the language register of this novel is very common. Fantasy lovers can easily imagine themselves in a world where people suffer from cruel capitalism. The main character, desperate, finds refuge in a secret maritime domain. A twist of fate transforms him into a hero with new powers. After a difficult start, he participates in the assault against the forces of evil that rule ashore. However, the enfranchisement of peoples by the hero who tells the events is not without constraints.

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First intro:

Consider yourself lucky if you have free time to enjoy yourself or to read these lines, because unstoppable globalism is able to encompass you to make you full-time servitors to the dreadful system of capitalism.

Cruel capitalism has used technological globalization to deploy itself by destroying solidarity socialism which unfortunately lacked the engines of competition between citizens. We finally found ourselves in an environment where everyone is ready to do the impossible to climb a mountain of hierarchy in order to have a better salary, and which despite everything never satisfies.

I was part of a crew of sailors who sailed bravely aboard a ridiculous ship. Fortunately, the sea was often mild and so proud that it never wanted to show us all its power. We all knew that it killed easily by its whims to overcome the intelligence and challenge the creativity of man, but when the waves rocked us sympathetically, we could overcome the gloom that overflowed our cursed ship, and we managed to fill our functions with complete peace of mind.

Secretly looking at the photos of our loved ones only made us regret our situation. We all felt incarcerated, but life ashore had mortified us so much that we never wanted it again. We told each other our tragedies and our anecdotes. Tears and laughter brought us together in moments of empathy so warm that they made us forget our fears, and encouraged us to live through a tomorrow as difficult as the day before.

I was the youngest of the crew and at the lowest level of their hierarchy. I had to work more than the others aboard this heap of scrap metal where nothing was working properly. My work started at dawn. When I woke up, the dawn filled my heart with optimism as my first cigarette consoled me from the bitterness of my memories of life ashore.

Every day, millions of people are born for the savage capitalism that rules us to exploit them. People are taught from an early age to trust the media that lays a stifling siege on them in order to program them well. The media wants to turn them into consumers who squander money without the slightest regret. These tentacles of cruel capitalism keep maliciously creating new unnecessary temptations for people and then convincing them that these are vital needs. People then find themselves forced to spend more and more and sometimes even take the risk of going into debt. It is this process that traps us in a materialistic whirlwind and makes us, despite our principles, enslaved by our debts, our temptations, our weaknesses and our lack of means.

I presented the example of a good squanderer. On land, I was a big gambler who was addicted to tobacco, alcohol, drugs and who had the pleasure of frequenting expensive places. In short, the media programming could not expect better from me. This way of life had ruined me so much that I risked prison. My modest salary was not even enough to repay my debts, besides, I had convinced myself that no matter what, no salary could be enough for a man like me. I had come to realize that I was trapped in an abominable spider's web where the more I struggled, the more I got caught. I absolutely had to escape far from all these traps that surrounded me. I had to save myself to a new world where I could correct myself, and secret maritime work was my only way out.

At sea, I had discovered that I was a true believer. When the waves played with our ridiculous ship, I stopped meditating on the existence of a god or on the veracity of religious theses. I could only look up at the sky repenting very strongly of all the sins that I had fun committing in my life on land. Admittedly, never had a mathematically logical religious algorithm ever been able to answer all my metaphysical questions, but I had discovered at sea that human subjectivity was enough for me to believe in a god so majestic that I could not perceive him, but surely so omnipotent that he did what he wanted with us.

At an early age, I had wandered so much, and found myself so weak that only a miracle could give me a better life.

I still remember the day it all started on board. I will begin to tell you my story without mentioning any names or addresses. Our ship was one of the highly secret refuges where losers ashore like me were willing to lose all of their identities. On board, they became indifferent and undefined beings by masks that only reflected their ages and ranks in the secret maritime hierarchy.

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