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Noah warns the people to leave and get on the ship with them so it will save them from death but they did not listen.

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NOAH: Built a Boat Genesis 6:1-9:29.

h ere was a man named Noah, he loved and served the Lord.

When God told him to build an ark, poor Noah, he was fl oored.

He hammered and he pounded.

His neighbors laughed and jeered.

“There is no rain in sight,” they said.

Noah’s fl ipped his lid, they feared.

Noah followed God’s instructions.

His family would be spared.

A flood would destroy the rest of the earth because people had sinned and erred.

Noah gathered all his family, and many animals, two by two.

They boarded the ark as God had planned.

It was a traveling zoo.

T he rain came down for forty days.

Water covered all the land.

They stayed aboard for many months, and were guided by God’s hand.

When the water began receding Noah wondered how he would know when it was safe to leave the ark, to pack his things and go.

Noah sent out a bird, the raven, to see if dry land could be found.

But since the raven never returned, it meant there was no dry ground.

Then Noah sent out a special bird, a dove, so white and pure.

It returned to the ark with an olive branch.

Noah knew it was safe for sure.

The dove has become the symbol of peace throughout the land.

The olive branch reminds us that peace is part of God’s plan.

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