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ADAM AND EVE: Creation and Consequences Genesis 2:4b-3.

When God made this great, big world, He formed one special man to care for the Creation.

It was part of God’s plan.

Adam lived in the Garden of Eden and tended God’s creation there.

Lots of animals and trees and fl owers, but no people anywhere.

God could see that Adam was lonely, and didn’t want to live alone.

So God made another person out of Adam’s own rib bone.

God gave Adam and Eve the Garden to be their very special home.

God said “Eat any fruit that you want,just leave one certain tree alone.”

A snake came to the woman and tempted her to disobey.

“If you eat the fruit of this tree you’ll be wise as God today.”

Eve ate and so did Adam, although God had told them “No.”

T h ey tried to hide from their Maker, but God found them and told them “Go!”

“Because you disobeyed me, you must labor all your days.

Your life would have been much better if you followed all God’s ways.”

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