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This work is full of symbolism about life, friendship, hope and faith. Blue is an archer who decides to leave the village Torture, where she lived for a long time, and that time could not last any longer. She needed to get on the road and search for Peace. A mythical place for many, revealed by The Master as a unique corner for each one, and true. But finding it is not easy. It takes courage for the long and dangerous walk to get there, but the archer gathers all the courage she has and risks unraveling this mystery. This story was inspired by the works The Little Prince, Alice in Wonderland, and The Chronicles of Narnia, because they are narratives that stir reflections about life and the fantastic imagination. And I also drew inspiration from my own life and from friends. It is a way of understanding my heart and the heart of others. Maybe this happens to you too? It is always very special for me to help myself and others through this magnificent medium that is words.

Abenteuer Urbane Fantasie Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren.

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The Journey


Blue walks up the road exhausted, with tears and red in her eyes, nose and cheeks. She walks because she decided to walk, even though she can't see anything on the horizon. She could stop. Stop and stay there, waiting for something to appear on the hidden horizon.

But you know that nothing will appear. The prize will not just magically appear. It never does. If it does, it will be back to Torture, and that is not a place anyone wants to stay. Her bow and arrow well knows, from so much that it has placated the countless Demonic Torturers who made a point of showing her the reason for their names.

Oh, no. No way was she going back to that village! She didn't want to become another poor soul completely defeated and complacent with that kind of Greek mythological underworld. He would rather go towards the unknown, despite the deep fear that at the final destination he would only find more shadows to fight.

Many in the village believe this, but Blue has decided to believe the Master so often spoken of in his books. He says that Peace exists and when you find it, you will find Him. However, this belief is increasingly losing its strength as the unsafe road stretches on and on without any change.

At least she is not so alone, for an insistent Ladybug scheming to follow her. Sometimes Blue has the impression that she is gone, but soon she appears, coming down from the girl's tangle of flowers and curls, towards the tip of her nose. The archer has thought about throwing away that colorful hair of hers, but it is one of the few things she still finds graceful and brings smiles to her face and the reason that the Light she seeks is no illusion.

And, well, so is that Ladybug. The little beetle's innocence and endurance impressed her. In that moment of weeping and walking, the Ladybug appeared before her eyes obstinate to keep following Blue. Bringing relief to her heart and courage to continue the mission.

And off Blue goes, walking up the road.

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Anatole Deusset Anatole Deusset
The village's name is Torture ? Creppy ...
August 06, 2023, 11:47
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July 31, 2023, 16:21

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