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Following the flood of Delta rays on the Earth, a good part of the population has acquired powers. Some people use these powers for good, others for evil. But what is sure is that the apocalypse is on its way...

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Chapter 1 : Ray

Ray was running through the narrow streets of the city, her bag of stolen apples in her hand.

She was stepping over trash cans but stumbled and her pursuer tackled her to the ground. The man spat words at her but she didn't hear them and struggled as best she could.

She finally hit him with a violent elbow in his stomach and he bent in two, loosening his grip on the young woman who took the opportunity to run away. But the man had not finished with her, he caught her wrist and her bag of apples fell, she had nothing more to eat. He took out a knife and Ray did the same. Beautiful error, the man had been able thus to recognize it and it remained taken of stupor during one moment, one moment during which the young woman had been able to release herself from its catch.

The man was not fast enough to catch up with her and he shouted words that made her shudder:

- you will not be able to always escape me Rayven, one day I will find you and you will pay all that you made.

Ray woke up in sweat, still a nightmare, always the same one.

She got up and left her apartment.

Climbed on the roofs of the buildings, observing the stars, the silence of the old city made him the greatest good.

Ray sighed and closed the eyes the time of a second but she had to reopen them quickly, its darkest memories resurfacing.

All her life she will remember this day, this day when she had lost her innocence, the day which had made rock her life, had transformed it into nightmare. The day she lost everything and realized the cruelty of the world. And to think that she was 15 years old at the time! 3 years of living with this pain had been unbearable for the young girl and now that she had regained a semblance of calm, this man appeared from nowhere, wanting to make her pay for her mistakes.

- This bad dream will thus never stop, thought Ray

To think, she had not noticed that the inhabitants had started to agitate. She got up and looked at the time: 7:19. She sighed and moved towards the bar

The evening fell little by little and Ray was closing the bar. She went around the room, putting the chairs properly and cleaning the tables when the door bell rang.

- I'm sorry but the bar is closed," she said.

She had to repeat this sentence several times before the individual decided to look at her.

When Ray crossed her glance, she understood, she understood who it was and she continued to clean, waiting for his questions. But the woman did not say anything, did not make anything, she was satisfied to observe the least facts and gestures of this waitress with a past much darker than the majority of the inhabitants of this small city.

- Why did you do that? What had he done to you? ends up asking the woman.

Ray paused at the mention, tears in his eyes and his hands shaking.

- It... it was an accident... I didn't see it and... you know the rest," said Ray.

- Do you know that, because of what you did, he will never walk again, never again ....

- I know," Ray whispered, "I know.

- He... I was expecting a child with him, do you realize how shocked I was? do you realize that?

- I am sincerely sorry for... that but it destroyed me, almost as much as you and I would like to go back in time to change things but you know that it is impossible. I made a mistake, certainly a big one but don't tell me you don't regret any of your actions.

- I don't care about your excuses, Soraya, I trusted you and you... you... I hate you Sora, I hate you. All you know how to do is destroy, you're a monster, spat the woman before turning around and slamming the door.

Soraya, this name sounded now strange in its spirit but nevertheless it was its true name, its true identity but it had hidden since the accident, since 3 years.

Ray sat down on the ground and took the head between the hands, trying to push back the flow of memories which went up. But she gave up very quickly, letting darkness take possession of her spirit.

She stayed on the floor for a long time, so long that her boss found her drunk, crying her eyes out.

- Rayven," the boss whispered.

- Hayden, answered Ray

The owner sighed and when she saw the bar, she screamed. All was ransacked and there was not a penny left on the counter.

She dragged Ray to the exit and fired her at the same time.

- It is decided tomorrow, I leave this city, affirmed Ray a bottle of alcohol in the hand.

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