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"Is it reality or imagination?when Mike thought he had escaped and needs to find a way to save those captured, on the journey he learnt he never escaped but was a released dog on trial"

Thriller Futuristisch Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren. © all right reserved@MrsEva

#mystery #crime #love #sci-fi
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Chapter 1

The van stopped as certain men whom you can't see their faces got down from the van.

"Are they set?" says one of the strange men in the dark.

"We have all that the lady requested but then, they will keep having Changed, you know, like time-something, CHORTLING! the other replied.

"I feel bad for them, all because of one Bitch's mindset of creating a portal to the future, who does she think she is, Albert Einstein" the other continued while pushing the stuff inside.

"So bad! The war has begun. Hey, you count to see if they are up to the number ''one man who seems to be the leader!

After a few minutes of counting, the man came running to the leader, all this was in the darkness, it seemed there was trouble.


"Number 124 is missing!" says the man, panting heavily.

"Mike! A successful project! How can he cope with the symptoms? Whispered the shattered leader.


The door squeaked, it was quiet all the way and I only heard the car moving.

Suddenly, I could hear long chitties all the way, they were such a parrot in a narrow room, It seemed like doctors cause I could smell all kinds of chemicals and medicine.

I was being dragged into a room, I couldn't see the room, though only darkness was all to see.

He said"Is that her!", I wondered what it meant exactly... could they be kidnappers?

I'm still waiting for an answer.

"You should wake up!" lashed out at an old man in that place.

"Well, what am I doing here, Why aren't I at home, What, when did I come here, What of work," I said, shaking in fear.

"Hey, young man, oh it's just as the news broadcasted, young men are into drugs but how can you do drugs early this morning under this magnificent sun!" the old-looking man with many wrinkles on his face said.

"Mike, You can get up now," says Dr. Lisa, a Friend of mine for ages.

I thought you were trying to gain some knowledge. It's been a month and a day that you were looking so miserable, how come you were talking bullshit while I hypnotized you! I mean which old man? says Doctor Lisa who looks extremely furious.

"Friend, were you able to find where I was and how I got out?

It was a dream right, a nightmare" I said as I thought she knew now, I didn't think straight since I heard I was talking to an old man. CHORTLING

Doctor Lisa took her iPad to see the information about the patients, She looked down and could hear her saying Breathe in and out… I knew there would be war.

Mike, you should take things seriously, who will constantly dream of such a horrible nightmare? Lisa said angrily.

You are having your internship. It's not as if you are a real doctor, I was just your practical tool, Lisa. I said in a jovial way.

Mike, on a more serious note.

What if it wasn't a dream but a reality?

Besides, how can you dream of such?

And how are your ears? she said.


Would you stop drinking it loudly, you know how sensitive my ears are nowadays, and you … I calmly said.

(Holding ears)

Then it wasn't a dream.

You had these sensitive ears in your so-called dream.

(Sighs heavily). she continued asking with a worried face.

You have nothing to worry about, I'm fit and strong... Since you are religious, this could be a manifestation of God. I said while laughing so maniacally.

She took out water from the refrigerator and served it to me. I could see how she was worried about me. I was wounded if I could tell her that, I might see her again when she's old. I clearly remembered I was with some people before I blacked out after I found myself here. I've been going into the future to say it like that, I can black out after having a certain ring and then I skip many days before realizing.

I'm wired, right?

Next three Days, The year 2023

The weather was so cozy, nice, and refreshing...Making Mike have a stroll by the walkside comes a guy. Hey Mike, it's been years since we saw you say a fat guy in a black hoodie looking like poop. What is all this, I barely don't remember what I am and where I am going.

Mike replied, "Nodle, could you spare me some time, I'm starving over here."

Nodle tapped Mike's back as he walked him home...

"Mike, your house feels like it's been empty for decades, have you gotten any sexy hot bitch that keeps you from home, I knew it," concluded Nodle.

Mike suddenly heard a vibrating sound from the ears and a long-distance echo coming from Nodle asking if he was okay.

"Man, what's wrong with you, should I take you to the hospital?". Mike fell.

The sound buzzing went down like a magic spin in the twinkle of an eye, I found myself in the emergency room of a hospital.

"He just opened his eyes," says my girlfriend, Evy.

To describe her, she's an amazing Angel, so hot and sexy—I don't know how we started dating but I know she's mine.

I could feel her breathing and hear how fast her heart was beating...I have good ears.

Evy came to me panting heavily, sweating…

Hey, are you okay?

How do you feel, Mike?

You got us worried, she said.

Were you swimming, babe? You are all soaking wet.. where's Nodle? Those around me thought I was spewing nonsense.

Do you not remember anything?


Nodle passed away last year...

On the day of our engagement, Evy said with a puppy eye.

(I'm suddenly scared, God woke me up from this nightmare.)


You have got to be kidding me, Nodle brought me to this hospital. When I was at home I suddenly couldn't breathe and heard a high-pitched sound in my ears and here telling me the guy who saved me was dead.

How could you, Evy?

A man in a

Mike, calm down. Just relax!

Everything is alright, Nodle is fine.

Evy, can I talk with you?

She sighed!

Why is that man treating me like a mad person, his voice, his voice?

Why does his voice sound familiar? The voice seems very

The nurse assigned to me replied:


Everyone says the same, Doctor Ken has such a distinguished voice.

Does everyone see me to be a lunatic, there's definitely something going on that I have no idea about.

What a lunatic, how could she be my nurse?

But what's taking them so long?

I moved the screen to see Evy and Doctor Ken talking but inaudible, I can't hear them talking.

Evy shakes the doctor's hand and returns to Mike.

You have such a wonderful wife, she's overprotective too.

She's been watching over you for three days of being in a coma.

(Smiles, injecting) the nurse complimented my so-called wife.

While she was injecting a certain medication into my drip, my wife acknowledged and shouted at her.

"What are you injecting into my husband's drip?"

(Anger tone).

"Husband, wife Over protection, coma?


Why does everything move fast, when did I get married to that bitch, and how come I was in a coma.

The last time I remembered I was doing my internship as a Cardiologist.

(Lost in thought).

Evy continued showing much care "Honey, can you see me? You will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow... I'm going to get us something to eat"

(Pegs Mike's cheek)

Don't keep long!

I'm missing you now, I can't wait to get home with you.


So we stayed alone.

Evy whisper's my already spoilt ears,

"Only you and I and of course the bed"

I felt so suffocated there when Evy excused herself.

I'm going crazy, my body is vibrating because of you… The nurse can't I be discharged today, please? I said.

You will get discharged from the hospital tomorrow, Mr. Mike" she said leaving a bright smile.


I smiled at the nurse when she told me I would be discharged soon, She isn't bad such a lovely baby girl to be in a uniform with that body.

In the hospital lady's washroom...

Evy constantly washes her face leaving the water flowing, shaking in fear as she's been threatened... Gasping for air as if she's been caught up by asthma, she looks desperate and pale.

Evy who was standing in the washroom mirror herself suddenly heard something but had no idea it would happen that time…

How long would I keep this up?

(High pitch sounds from her ears)


(Screaming with pain, the pitch went high)

(Continues to splash water on her face).

The woman smiled and looked happy to see such a lady enjoying herself in the hospital washroom. She asked Evy if she was okay and if nothing was going on.

Yeah, I'm okay... I'm just surprised and happy my husband came out of the coma.

(Nervously chuckling), Evy happily shares her happiness with the lady without realizing who she is.

Soon the lady stood there like a statue, turned her head to the left and right, then her voice changed into…


"Then you better treat your husband well and stop him from puking his nose into everything.

He was spared once but not again", woman 11 kept repeating over and over.

You could see Evy breathing heavily and gasping for breath.

Okay... I have everything under control. He doesn't remember anything, so please let us be. Evy bravely said to the woman.

There's nothing you can do, you science pigs.

It's quite funny and enjoyable to see you stressed out.. should I kill him for you that might pay off a little. she continues.

Just leave, I will keep him under control. I promise just don't harm him.


Sighs loudly. Evy said with confidence.

GIGGLING, See ya! Evy. Says the woman 11.

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Horror writer Horror writer
Amazing story, but it skips around a lot not to mention some misspelled words. Other than that it was amazing!
January 17, 2023, 23:10

  • Eva Oduro Eva Oduro
    Thanks, I will check it The skipping is all about how the story is... It's Mike's life January 18, 2023, 22:53

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