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What does the word daddy stand for? Well the word alone is just an innocent one. When I think of the word daddy, I think about the three P's. Protector. Provider. Parent . But a strange thing happens when you change the 'd', to a 'z', creating the word zaddy. The once innocent word is now gone, and replaced with a much more vulgar and raunchy word. A word that brings explicit images to your mind. A word that invokes arousal and demands to be felt in your very core. A word we would use to describe an attractive male, normally a much older attractive male. Nothing is wrong with lusting after an older man, just as long as both willing participants are of consenting age and preferably single. Well this just happens to be the very case in my pack, the Sanguinem Pack, and the zaddy himself is alpha Adrian De'Marco, and he's my best friends father.

Fantasy Episch Nur für über 18-Jährige.

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Adrian De’Marco

"Jenna can you stop eye fucking my father please. At least not in front of me" The auburn hair girl yelled with exasperation. I looked between the two with a jaded look, this was a common occurrence and one that I wished truly would happen less often.

You see Laura De'Marco had it bad, she was the daughter of the prominent alpha. He was legendary not only for his combat and leadership skills; which earned him vast amounts of respect and admiration - but he was more notably known for his devilish good looks.

The man was in his late 40s but could still give the younger men a run for their money. He could hang with the best of them; from lifting weights, speed and even dexterity. This man was a jack of all trades.

But undoubtedly this man was exceptionally good looking and no one could deny it. The way he could get out of the bed from a deep slumber and still look like a god, was impressive.

Maybe it was his salt and pepper hair that had just enough length to it, to give a good pull to but not enough to put in a bun or ponytail. Or it could have been the way he could pull off both a clean shaven face and a goatee. I know personally one of his best features is his eyes, and it wasn't just the color that drove me mad, because those chocolate coated emeralds would melt the hardest of gems. No, it was the way his eyes reflected his emotions but only when he wanted them to. The way they would light up with excitement when being playful; a smile that would reach his eyes and sparkle with giddiness.

It was enchanting to say the least, and I would hang over his every word well being captivated by his eye contact.

I softly nipped at my lower lip, thinking about him, but was broken from my trance when I heard the other two become gradually louder.

"Jenna I'm not fucking with you, keep up the distasteful comments about my father and we can take it outside" Laura hissed in Jenna's direction, while she stood to her feet; fist clenched to the point her knuckles turned white from how tight her skin was being pulled.

Jenna rolled her eyes at Laura's declaration, throwing her curly hair over her shoulder, "It really isn't that serious Lor, all I said was I'd gladly obey his every command". She spoke nonchalantly and I couldn't help but chuckle.

Laura cut her, now blackened eyes at me when she heard me laugh. "You think that's funny Kimmy." Her aggression now directed at me and now it was my turn to roll my eyes at Laura's dramatics.

"I mean it IS kind of funny seeing as he's the alpha and that exactly what we do as members in the pack."

Realization hit Laura and she stood down, but I wasn't finished- "Now next time you really need to think twice before you go picking fights because not everyone in the pack is going to tolerate you initiating a fight."

I patted her shoulder giving it a slight squeeze, "And as for you Jenna!" I said with a pointed look "Stop provoking her because one of these days I won't be here to stop Laura from beating your ass".

Jenna huffed but nodded her head, "I was just playing with her, she's the one who took it too serious."

I gave her a stern look, about to reply when, speak of the devil and he will appear, in walked the alpha himself. Shirt off, slung over his shoulder; shorts hanging loose around his hips; and sweat droplets gliding down his abs making them glisten under the lighting.

His eyes darted from his phone to us, "Good morning ladies, is everything fine I heard a bit of commotion from outside?" He asked with concern ,placing his phone on the counter face down and gave us his undivided attention.

"Just some petty friend drama with a hint of bickering", I answered with a nonchalant wave of my hand.

Mr. De'Marco looked between the three of us; his eyes looking left to right accessing the situation himself by our expressions, before his eyes finally rested back onto me. He gave a satisfied 'hmph' before returning his attention to his phone.

"Laura, when your mom comes in, tell her that I need her in my office."

"Why can't you just text or call her and let her know? You have a phone."

Mr. De'Marco gave her a half pointed look laced with annoyance, he pinched the bridge of his nose, as he sighed loudly, "Yes that is a great plan, that is if your mom had her phone on her. She accidentally left it behind before she left on her jog. So please stop your nagging, and just do this for me please."

He gave Laura a soft and delicate smile, before he began ascending the stair, he stopped about halfway before he shouted down, "Kimmy, please don't forget you and I have one on one sparing later tonight to prepare for your initiation as the new warrior general. 8pm sharp."

"I had celebration plans at 8 with Maverick."

"We'll duty calls Kimmy, and without this training completed, you'll have no reason to celebrate because you will not be able to going as per the prerequisites. So, what will it be?"

At this point Mr. De'Marco had leaned his head over the banister and was looking me in my eyes, waiting for my response. I chewed on my bottom lip with unease, because I knew Maverick would be upset that I was standing him up once again for my duties, but I had no other choice. "Yes sir, I'll be there."

Mr. De'Marco gave me a satisfactory nod before he continued up the stairs and into his bedroom with soft shut and lock of his bedroom door.

I huffed out in irritation, "Mav is going to be pissed."


"What are you yelling at me?! It's not like I planned for this to happen!" I shouted back; my voice going hoarse.

I could barely make out what Maverick was saying over how loud he spoke.

"You don't take our relationship serious Kimmy." I snorted with irritation, "How can you even say that Maverick when I'm here trying to fix or at least salvage what I can from this shit show of a problem."

I knew Maverick blaming me for something that was beyond my control was a toxic trait of his and a huge red flag, but I ignored it because I had developed deep feelings for Maverick. And I know this isn't him, he's just under stress from his father, the pack's beta, to win over the pack and become the next future appointed Alpha.

I heard Maverick sigh heavily, which brought me from disassociation, "What is it Mav? I said I was sorry and that I'd make it up to you."

"How can you make up our 2 year anniversary?"

"Mav, you know I'd be there if I could, but Alpha De'Marco and the council aren't giving me a choice."

I could hear him sighing again which is never a good sign with Maverick, "Then I'll make your choice easier for you Kimmy, we are over. I can't keep doing this anymore. I'm 23 and I know you're not my mate but I loved you like you were, and you could never reciprocate it."

My eyes water with sadness as he continued to speak to me, "Just say it."

"Say what Maverick?!"

"That you love me, and we can forget all of this and go on like we're really mated. I'll even mark you."

I subconsciously rubbed my neck, the spot where my mates mark would adorn my naked flesh. This is the spot reserved for my mate, and only my mate, not some man I'm playing pretend with.

I shook my head no, "You know I can't do that. Your mate is out there somewhere Maverick I will not cause her pain, for our own selfish pleasure."

I heard a long pause over the phone, "Goodbye, Kimmy."

I screeched into the bitter cold air, throwing my phone into a tree, the brittle material splintered into hundreds of pieces.

"Woah! Looks like someone is having a little ptrouble in paradise. What's wrong has Mr. Maverick thrown a tantrum that you couldn't be with him"

I pressed my finger against my temple, wishing to rid myself of this migraine, but to also rid myself of him. His voice was soaked in arrogance and peppered with enthusiasm so much so that it made me sick to my stomach.

"Please, could you for once not enjoy my failed relationship because right now I'm one sly comment away from slapping that grin off your face."

"You wouldn't treat your dear Alpha with such disrespect, would you?" His voice still held much amusement, and to my displeasure was enough to emotionally overwhelm me.

The feeling of my warm tears streaking down my cheeks; slipping in between my quivering lips and coating my tongue with the salty liquid.

It wasn't until I heard Adrian use his nickname for me that I had turned and started at the older man standing in front of me.

"Luna?", it was a simple word but a word only reserved for the mate of the alpha. A term that I had not earned the right to, and would never earn it as I'm nothing more than a home wrecking wolf who is hot in the ass.

I could feel his eyes absorbing my current appearance; puffy eyes , tear streaked cheeks and a red nose. It didn't take Adrian long to put 2 and 2 together to realize I was crying.

"Are you happy now Adrian? Happy that no one wants to put up with me? Happy that I'm at your mercy?!" Hiccuping, forcefully wiped my face with my sleeve, but a dry face was short lived, as another round of tears escaped my eyes.

It took him all of two seconds, to close the distance between us. His arms encasing me in a tight embrace with my face tucked into the crook of his neck, while his hand played with my hair.

"Hey, hey, hey. I was only teasing. I didn't mean to upset you and I apologize if it did. You know I would never intentionally hurt you."

I pressed my hands against his firm chest, creating enough room for me to look him in the face. He wiped my eyes with his thumbs and placed a small kiss to my forehead that left a tingling in it wake. " Why don't we take a walk to help clear your head. You can tell me what's wrong if you want, or we can just walk in silence."

I gaze a weak nod, as Adrian wrapped his thick arms around my waist guiding me into the forest and away from potential prying eyes and ears.

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