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This is a story I based off of heroes and villains, also a bit of MHA and our society

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Chapter Akuji

When I was young I lived with my parents who were not so kind to me even though they are were heroes themselves. They owned a hero placement called Shadow Squad, it was one of the higher hero placements in Australia but possibly the very best placement to be known around the world. We call these hero placements because of the type of heroes we want to be and their so called power known as DIN'S also known as Dominated Inpowered Non-humans basically people with power but it makes no difference because of a certain disease that killed a lot of people back a thousand years ago in our history. The disease was known as Death because of how it attacked the lungs and made people have fever like symptoms, but slowly kill them if untreated. In the end it did get cured, with having to wear masks and washing our hands but that's what we thought when a mysterious person who come to people with death transformed them. No one knew the name of this person that somehow transformed the Death into a different organism that brought back life into the dead, but these people didn't just come alive they also obtain power and each person who had Death after that had at least obtained a power. This went world wide as most of the population of people ended up getting death than getting a power though it.

Now back to today where I am a Villain known as Black Moon, I am known that because of the DIN'S that I have called black decay and because of the way I will bring light into the darkness of our stupid society. How can anyone be happy with our society that only causes pain and suffering through what they call judgement. What judgement of Higher leaders of power call out people of weak status or power be called slaves then the people who have good powers that they see as good should be called heroes. Then the ones with too much power should be called villains because they have a certain DIN'S that has a higher or different power setting as others should be thrown into jail? This society is to scared to accept everyone, no they want to judge us for that but the others who have higher power who are in a good line like royals or Higher leaders of power should be accepted and be able to be heroes while the rest of us suffer. It's not right and all I want to do is change that, make a world equal for all with no judgment of their DIN'S. But I am yet to start my placement, I am slowly gathering members for it, so far I got my teacher Michael, who was sinned and judged for having a gruesome DIN'S he managed to get away back then because of it and thankfully took in me and another who's name is Guro who was judged for having a DIN'S around Teleportation and portals, he barely escaped with his life but he had the help of his parents who where killed in the process for helping him escape. Michael took Guro in when he was young, where Guro had no where to go or live when he was a wanted child by the heroes then me later in their lives as where I ran away from my family had no where to even go.

We also recently got a trusted ally, his name is Jackson, he is a trade and dealer in the black market and other trades of the sort. Jackson was despised by his DIN'S that revolves around an ancient person in the day who had wide world knowledge, but he is very smart and wise also a bit if a jackass but we get use to him, sometimes.

Jackson is also our main person of operation where he is trying to gather more people like us who may like our terms and ways, and also have been possible out casts. But it wasn't going to be easy to even find people like us as in Australia we had more rules and restrictions than other countries around the world, plus more heroes who are top notch when it comes to stopping us villains. Though we didn't need to fear as long as we stayed low and not get caught by them then we will be safe but it was now a question of action, and how we are going to be willing to make our placement known was the question. One of our ideas was maybe breaking into a jail and set some prisoners free but that was going to be a very hard feet to do with just the three of us. My idea was maybe breaking into the most known hero school in the world in fact the best hero school know as T.H.A also known for Training Hero Association. This is the placement where heroes are trained to be heroes but their defence may be hard to get around. Most of agree our would be hard to get our placement on the map or noticed but Jackson we should play it safe and wait till he can gather members for us. We all agreed on that and went our separate ways so we don't gain any attention from heroes.

I go to walk by myself to go to a favourite cafe that is in town a bit but it is quiet and the coffee and food there is enjoyable. Plus no heroes go in there nor do a lot a people go in there so I find it save to go get a nice cheap coffee and food. I enter the cafe and the owner gives me a warm welcome as I am a regular there for some reason this time the cafe was filled to the brim of people I feared I wouldn't have a seat. But the owner said there is one spot left he had to ask the person who was sitting at the table, I nod and let him do his job. The person he questioned was a male with long brown hair, he wore normal causal clothing, the man smiled and nodded as he looked over to me offering the sit on the other side to him, I quietly nodded as a thank you and took the sit. The owner ask if I just wanted my usual and I said yes then the owner went on his way. The man to the other side of me seemed to be quiet as he enjoyed his coffee he seemed to have caught me staring at him he smiled.

"What brings you to this nice cafe today other than a coffee and food?" He asked his voice was soft as he spoke it felt like I could melt in his voice.

"I am here to just have some quiet time to myself but it seems today is busier than usual" I answer him kinda quietly.

"Oh this place is normally quiet isn't, yes I agree in fact that's why I am here too but so many people that finding that peace is kind of hard. Say are you a hero or a normal? I never seen you around before" he questions me as he looks at me

"I am a normal that's probably why" I say as a white lie cause I can't say I am a villain. "What about you?" I question back

"I am a hero, in training" he answers me but the look on his face seemed to question me as if he didn't even believe about me being a normal, but I shrug it off.

The owner finally gave me my usual latte and a nice chicken wrap that they make. I thank the owner and slowly sipped on my coffee.

"Mind if I ask for your name?" He questions as he seemed to look at his digital hero programmed watch

"Uh Amy" I lie. "What about you?"

"Joshua" he answer me truthfully, again he gave me a look that seemed to have read my mind, like he didn't believe that Amy was my name.

"Amy you know that running is a crime and you do also realise that creating a rebellion will break you?" He asked me as he looked at me seriously

I looked at him plain faced as possible, but mentally I was freaking out did he have some higher power and he is a hero in training? I question myself.

"I don't understand what you mean that would be a stupid idea to try to do something like that, I would be thrown in jail without a second thought" I answer him in the coolest and calmest way possible

He seemed to smile at my calmness, he then give me a piece of paper. "Tell me the truth" he tapped on the piece of paper as though quietly demanding me. I look at the piece of paper the the top could easily read 'I know your lying to me villain so I suggest you quietly write down what your planning or go to jail now' I looked up at him almost worried with panic. He didn't say a word but looked at me with his crimson red eyes and taped the paper, he also threatened me with cuffs he had on him. I shake as I sip a bit of my coffee and grab a pen quietly wrote down what we plan to do at the moment. He took the paper as soon as I put down the pen, he looked at it reading it, then some time after he looked at me. He took my drinking hand and looked at me cruelly with his red eyes.

"Tell me why I shouldn't cuff you right now and stop your plan from happening then let you do it?" He whispered low but darkly into my ear intimidatingly.

I shiver with a slightly tint of fear. "Because- if- if we don't do this idea or speak up for some rights for something more peaceful then this world will fall eventually into the hands of hate, so I plan to stop this injustice that we face every day" I answer him in a quiet whisper.

He nodded and let's me go. "Then I will let you go" He says as he take the last sip of his coffee, he also packs his paper work quietly into his bag before he left the cafe.

I sat there in confusion for a while as I ate my wrap and drank my coffee, I couldn't help but think why this hero would let me go no, no hero does that but why him. How could he tell I was easily lying, what was his DIN'S, could he read minds. I seem to question when I quickly remembered who he was. Wait! Joshua, the Joshua! All know and favoured the most the hero how is the most popular yet admiring hero! Wait- what- why- huh! Now I was confused what just happened just now?! This can't be real......

My mind went blank and I pinched my hard enough that I knew I wasn't dreaming, holy- damn I didn't this would happen in a million years. What should I do? I mean I know he said he would let me go but- doesn't mean I can trust him.

Okay first I need to calm down and not tell the others other they will go nuts no I should tell them anyway cause I can even be what happened just now is real but it is. Later after I left the cafe I walk my way around until I got to my place, I get a knock on my door, I answer it curious who it may be.

*No! Hell no! Lier! He can not be here right now!* my mind thought in a panic as I saw Joshua there standing with a wheel borrow full of chocolates to sell. He smiled as he looked at me.

"Hello would you be interested in buying some chocolates to save up for a fair that's happening next month?" He asked warmly.

I blinked as I look at him. "Uh sure" I say even though I don't like the fair's that happen every year but I got the chocolates cause they were cheap.

He smiled as I choose certain chocolates and handed him the money, he grabbed my hand. He looks at me with a light smile.

"Well we meet again- what was your name?" Joshua asks as he looks at me

He didn't seem the type to forget a name. "Uh-" before I could say the fake alias I was going to use he quiets me. "I mean your real name" He said as he glares at me with his eyes seeming to peer into me like he could see through me. I nod as he takes his hand away from my mouth.

"Akuji" I answer truthfully this time

Joshua smiled happily, he bows and kisses my hand. "It's nice to meet you Akuji hopefully we can become friends and not enemies" he says as he smirks

"Uh actually um its nice to meet you too but- why are you being nice and leaving me be like aren't you-" he paused me before I could finish my sentence.

"It's because in some way me and you have the same values in mind despite how different you are I want to support you, even though I can't ignore you are a villain but some are need in a world like this. But you do realise lives will be taken if you follow through with this cause it won't be easy to just talk it out" he says as he questions me

"Yes I do and I do like it either but what else can we do we can't just sit on the sidelines and let this judgement continue" I say as I look down

He lifts my head, "Then every will eventually work out" he smiles one last time before he waved and left with a certain sadness on his face, I watch him curiously before go back inside and question confused.

Later that night Michael, Guro, Jackson and I had a meet up to talk about things and plans, Jackson says we got a potential person who want to join and I tell him to the next meeting. After everyone had some say to what to do next I told everyone what happened today with the hero Joshua. Everyone's faces went as pale as a ghosts, they then question me quite quickly. I pause them and told them everything that happened in detail and said myself that even I couldn't believe it was real but it was very real. The crew when silent for a moment.

"Can we trust him?" Jackson spoke after breaking some silence

"I don't know" I answer truthfully

"Let's trust him for now" Michael says calmly

"We can't be seriously trusting an all time hero" Guro says a bit loud want to make an argument

"Michael is right Guro let's just trust him for now cause if we don't we could risk our leader taken away from us" Jackson says looking at me

I rub the back of my neck not used to being the leader yet and I nod quietly in agreement. "Yes I agree sorry Guro but trust me if anything happens to us it's my fault for trusting a hero okay" I pat his head caring

Guro nods his head and pouts a bit because he kinda hates it when I take the blame but he knows I mean well and I know he also means well. With all of us in a agreement we go back to our homes. Guro runs to me and tugs me.

"Just promise you will always be our leader no matter what even if you get caught don't let those heroes change you, okay?" He says as he slightly pouts

I pat his head, "Promise, now go home" I say then I leave

Guro nods and runs off to his home. I walk back into my place sighing lightly. I went to change into my night wear then lay on my bed with a big sigh. I couldn't help but feel the tremendous weight and responsibility I had to do for the crew but still it's what I need to do and love being their leader no matter the cost. Though now with the added pressure of a hero knowing our plan I begin to wonder with fear, as much as I tried to ease my mind I couldn't, but I also felt a little relaxed whenever I remember his smile. I wondered why today's events happened but for as far as I know I couldn't tell why.

To be continued....

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