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After days and days of tension in the office, finally the young realtor Renato was able to take a deserved vacation after all the work in the past months. His destination? A trip with his family from Florianópolis to a farm in Sanclerlândia, Goiás, where his in-laws live. Renato just didn't count that his moments of leisure and rest, from out of the blue would turn into a terrifying nightmare.

Horror Alles öffentlich.

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At the edge of a stream, several gunshots moved the air from miles away, scaring a group of birds that, moments before, nested up the tall branches.

“Shut up, fucking bitch, or you’re gonna die!” ordered the thug.

“Please, sir. Don’t kill me!” Implored the kneeled victim.

But he didn’t demonstrate remorse to any of her pleas and remained cold and distant.

“I swear I’ll do whatever you want!” the woman tried to barter for more time, “I have a family. Kids to care for.”

After a sarcastic smile, which was like he told her “I don’t give a shit if you have kids, husband, or whatever!”, the pervert loosened his belt and slowly opened the zipper. He lowered his pants, twirling them from one side to the other, until his big dick jumped out of his underwear. To prove he wasn’t kidding, he cocked the gun and pointed it to her forehead.

“Just give me a little love,” he said gently, “but if you don’t, I’ll shoot your brains off! I’ll leave your body rotting in these waters.”

The woman thought to resist, like last time, which left her body full of bruises and her clothes all in tatters. But gave up right away, because different from before, she noticed that his finger resting over the trigger looked more convincing.

“Come on, bitch, open up your big mouth! What are you waiting for?” he yelled.

At last, despite her repressed cry, screaming inside her chest, the following seconds what until now was soft and floppy started to occupy more and more space between her lips.

“Oh, yeah…” the thug rolled his eyes with pleasure, “don’t stop…”

The world stopped for the woman who at that moment only wanted all to be over quickly. But his intentions were different. While she was satisfying him, he tried to get extra entertainment, by exploring her private parts.

“Tell me,” he asked, “do you suck your husband’s dick?”

But the woman pretended not to listen, keeping her eyes shut, concentrating on the job of satisfying him.

“Cat caught your tongue?” the pervert confronted irritated, “Do you want to die?” he yelled at her and lifted her by the neck choking her.

Tears ran down the woman’s eyes, already dirty with her dark makeup. But when she mentions she wanted to say something, he loosened his tight fingers around her neck.

“I never did this to my husband.” she answered and lowered her gaze, “sir, it is against our religion.”

Since the criminal let her go, the woman went back to her knees to continue what she was doing.

“But tell me something,” he stroked her hair, “excluding the fact that this is against your God, what are you thinking of the experience? Do you like to suck my dick? You can tell me the truth; I am not going to judge.” He teased.

She didn’t answer right away, therefore she received a strong slap in her ear “slap!”.

When she lifted her aching face and while weeping, she moaned two things. The first was “yes” and the second was “because now I am your little bitch”.

The guy brimmed with satisfaction in a way that that “yes” and her “because now I am your little bitch”, made him go crazy.

“I am almost coming, bitch! Don’t stop! Suck it stronger!” after a while, the bandit moaned. And hearing this, the woman tried to move away a little to avoid the cum, but without a break, the criminal pointed the gun back to the center of her forehead.

“Oh,” he complained, “so my little doll doesn’t like to drink milk, is that right?”

The woman had no reaction and right after the bandit grabbed her by the hair and forced her to suck him until everything was finished.

Seconds later, far away from the shore of that same stream, the sound of gunshots could be heard from that same stream being mixed up with the moaning sounds, which ended up driving away all the birds that moments before were nesting in the branches of the highest trees.

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