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The story is about a lumberjack family who lived near a forest. The family has 6 members. The story mainly focuses on the horror and suspense that is about to get revealed in the upcoming chapters.

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The Mysterious Forest

Once upon a time there lived a family near the forest. They were middle class family. Father was the main source of income in their family. He was a lumberjack. The forest near their house was popularly known as The Mysterious Forest. The family had two children namely Johnny and Tressie. Johnny was 2 years younger than Tressie.

One day, while playing in their garden, they saw some strange lightings in the forest, the kids became curious to know about the lightings' cause. So, they decided to check the cause of lighting by going into the forest. They decide to go secretly at night as their father had forbidden them to go into the forest.

The night came, the family was having dinner, Again the lights came from the forest, they could see from their window. After finishing dinner, Both brother and sister went to bed. The time flew and it was 2:30 AM . They decided to go to the mysterious forest. So, they carried a torch and a knife for safety and started to go to the forest but little did they knew that their decision of going into the forest will bring a horrific danger to their family.

They moved into the forest, after walking into the forest, they heard a little girl calling by their name. The sound was only audible to Tressie, Johnny couldn't hear the voice. After walking a few metres in the forest, Tressie saw a girl calling her name, the strange thing is that only Tressie could see that girl but the girl was not visible to Johnny.

Tressie started slowly approaching the girl and Johnny followed her by saying "Hey!! Tressie... don't go there, there is nothing there"... but Tressie continued walking towards the ghostly girl as if she was possessed or hyptonised by some paranormal forces. Then suddenly torch that was held by Johnny automatically switched off and then he could hear his sister Tressie screaming but he could see nothing in the dark.

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