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Liliana a girl originating from a very wealthy family in town was very popular and envied among her friends! But on a tragic day, she is involved in a mysterious accident which cost her life. Her soul now wanders because she isn't able to access the "other world". When she does a pact with a demon to be granted a second chance to be alive again, it comes with a bloody price! But this time, she reincarnates in a new body and town. Watch your back because she's back and fully awaken from the dead!

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#horror #dark #dead #ghost #teen #betrayal #vengeance #mysterious #mystical
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The Loss

My name is Liliana Billow, daughter of the rich senator Fernando Billow. I live with my mother in small community away from the town because my father claims that it's to protect us from the enemies he made in politics. My mother was constantly out of town for business and was rarely around.

As the only child, I had whatever I wanted. Always had the most fashionable clothes and the latest phones. I knew I was beautiful_ call me arrogant if you like but I call it assurance. Everywhere I went, heads must turn to look at me. Envy, admiration, jealousy were the main emotions encountered due to my presence and I was proud of it.

Life was pretty pink on my side until this tragic day. My boyfriend, Spencer, threw a party in his house as his parents attended an urgent matter out of town. As you can guess, Spencer as the son of the mayor, was very loaded financially speaking_and also very handsome. This made us the most envied couple in the university.

Everything was fine at that time and the party was a huge success. Spencer led me in a corridor and started covering me with kisses. I knew exactly what he wanted to do with me. At 20 years you're not clueless to some signs. But i wasn't in the mood so I brushed him off.

He insisted a bit, but when he saw I remained firm about my decision, he dropped it. It was late and I wanted to return home and get proper rest. I took a last sip of alcohol and headed out.

It was a calm and chilly night. My house was not far from Spencer's so I decided to take a walk to clear my head a bit. Suddenly, I heard a car pull up next to me. It was an expensive looking black car! The windows rolled down and a man called out to me

"What is a little darling doing alone at this hour? Let me give you a lift" he said with a hungry look on his face.

I tried to ignore him and continued walking. The car drove slowly next to me as I continued walking down the street. I was no longer far from my house when I felt a hand on my shoulder and another covering my mouth! I was ushered forcefully against my will into the car where the man was waiting for me.

"I'm sorry for such harsh methods but you left me no choice. I don't easily take a 'NO'" He said it with a creepy grin that made me feel uncomfortable.

"P..pl..please sir, I'm sorry but should get home" I pleaded him hoping to appeal to his sympathy but to my horror, I heard the doors of the car lock with a 'click'. A moment later, I saw the man point a gun in my direction...

"I advise you to stay quiet until we reach our destination" he said in a cold voice. I gulped and did as he said. Soon enough, we arrived at a small cabin isolated from the town. Needless to say i was very scared and I had a bad feeling about all this. The sky was cloudy and cold.

The man silently gestured for me to enter the house and we entered a small room with a single bed inside. Horror filled my mind and i started crying.

"Undress!" he ordered. I was reluctant to do so but he shot a bullet in the ceiling making me tremble. Slowly, I began stripping naked under his perverse gaze. "It wasn't so difficult, was it?" an evil smile appeared on his lips. He began undressing too and pointed the cold metal of the gun on my head! Silently crying, I felt something penetrating me and realized he was raping me!

I had nothing more to lose so I desperately started screaming. He hit the gun on my head and I became unconscious. When I opened my eyes, I was completely naked and chained. Looking around me, I saw men looking at me with disgusting gazes! I felt humiliated and my forces were abandoning me__ I didn't have much more time left! Tears began flowing on my cheeks as i started thinking about my life. My eyes traveling around the room I was able to notice few faces and eventually the man who raped me.

They seemed to be celebrating! For the first time, I noticed candles arranged in a strange sign around me. The room fell silent as the man approached me with what looked like a ceremonial spear and a huge grin plastered on his face.

"Today, is a great day because our god will receive a new sacrifice today!" everybody cheered but he silenced them with a hand and leaned close to me " Any last word beauty?"

I spat on his face and he wiped it with a smirk "Then I bid you farewell! It was a pleasure having you!" and with that, he trusted the spear in my chest. My life force slowly leaving me, I gathered my last strength and was able to get one of his men congratulate him

"Well done Mr Fortman!"

Mr Fortman... that was the last name I heard before a sudden wave of cold came over me and darkness engulfing me.

The last emotion I felt was anger, sadness, humiliation and most of all Revenge...

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Delphina Awo Delphina Awo
I really ean to read more you put me in suspense
May 06, 2023, 21:01

  • Darlene Frederica Darlene Frederica
    Thanks for the support Delphina! stay tuned fot the next episode from the 21st of July kisses :p June 14, 2023, 08:00

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