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Being an assassin is not easy, I have been trained to kill in the shadows and collect coins in the light. I am not allowed feelings, nor compassion for the victims. I am one of the best assassins of a powerful cult, my name is Dennis and this is my story.

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A bell indicates the time on the dot. The exact time. I am a murderer, I am not allowed to feel anything for anyone, only to kill for money, and for my personal benefit. I am the best assassin of a sect of my peers. I obey only orders, but... Do I really want this?

In the midst of a heavy rain, I drop the coins, which fall out of the bag, some are lost in the sewers and others are captured by unknown hands, but in need of them. I start running towards the opposite side of the road to where the people are going. Time is consuming, and although I try to push away all the people walking in the streets, there are too many of them, they are slowing me down.

I feel someone imitating my steps, I don't know if it's myself or a companion, but I have to hurry, I have to see someone important to me. The minutes are running out, the rain is getting thicker and thicker. I go up to the roofs, it will be easier to advance there. I stop at the edge. I look at my hand, it's a piece of paper with her name written on it, Diana, which calms my heart. She is there, about to be killed. My heart races, I know perfectly well I shouldn't love her, but I don't want to see her suffer because of me. With me or without me, I want her to go on living. She doesn't deserve this. And even if I don't say it out loud, it's an open secret that I love that lady.

I jump to the ground, I draw my extendable sword, my sect mates warn me, don't go ahead brother, let the master take care of it, please brother, I don't want to kill you, then point their guns at me for not backing down, but I manage to dodge all the bullets, and with great combat acrobatics I manage to get out alive, but everyone is alert now. They are coming for me, my cult brothers are now my enemies, and all because of that beautiful girl, but that's the way this business is, and that's the way love is. Though my heart is still divided between killing and loving.

Once all my former friends have lost against me, I free that lady, beautiful and strong as diamond.

-What if I reflect and choose the easy way? I would be a little richer, but I would lose her. The woman who sows love in a heart in the wilderness.

I turn, and it is he, my master, who made me powerful, who gave me everything when I had nothing. We could even say that he brought me to her. Hate brought me love, I can't run away anymore. I must choose, kill or love. Coins or a life with her. Then, I hear another sword activate behind me, it's hers, what does this mean, betrayal or let's fight together? A sincere look opens the way to the right answer. I activate my sword and look towards my master, he also knows the answer.

-Perfect," says the master, smiling.

The art of Killing and loving II (Remake), choose well, assassin. Release date, beginning of 2024.

This book will also be available in physical format under the Punto Rojo publishing house, it has not yet come out, but when it does I will inform you so that you can have it in your hands.

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