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I’m here now, no need to be afraid.

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I’m here

You look so pretty when you sleep.

So peaceful.

I like to watch you sleep.

Sometimes when it's cold outside I'll climb into bed with you to get warm.

Oh, but you never see me.

No no no, because I know that if you saw me, you wouldn't like me, so I stay under the bed.

Sometimes you have nightmares when you sleep, and you call out.

That's when I climb up and whisper in your ear that its okay, that I'm here.

You're safe with me.

Maybe I will come out from under the bed sometime. I'd like for you to see me.

Yes, I think I will.

I think I'll come out and visit a bit.

How's that sound?

Oh, and please don't scream, Then I'll go on being hungry.

Hungry?, you ask.

Well, they don't taste so good when they're all screamy, you know. They're actually quite unpleasant tasting.

You see me now, you're running. Run, run little mouse. Scurry away.

Oh, it doesn't seem you were fast enough, does it?

Let's start with the arms, than the legs.. The eyes are the best part, though.

I believe yours are blue, yes?

Ooh, I like my treats with a bit of color now and then.

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Abeze Thibou Hello, darlings. I consider myself to be a quite charismatic fellow. I also love peach tea. If you ever happen to be on the neighborhood, you might want to drop by and bring me some. I’d be forever indebted to you. You might also want to read my stories, I have a feeling you’ll enjoy them.

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TM Toby McEvoy
really sweet keep up the good work:)

Michael Nichols Michael Nichols
I really liked it.

Horror writer Horror writer
This was amazing!

Horror writer Horror writer
This was amazing, I loved the poem.

  • Abeze Thibou Abeze Thibou
    Thank you so much! These comments made my day! 1 week ago