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A short history of a small village in the central region of Ghana.

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Agya Ako

...This is the history of Akonoma...

Akonoma is a town in Ghana, Central Region... Which celebrates its festival every November. Before Akonoma was bid or named, it was just a forest area— No one seems to go there since it wasn't safe that's what other people say.— No one knows there up to now... But this town has quite a lot of their Culture, Festive, Education... The people of Akonoma are farmers, as I stated it was a forest area and even now you will see lots of trees, big trees.

Akonoma means "Ako ne mba" it's a fantse language in Ghana from the tribe of Akans". In English it means "Warriors children"

Before the name was given to the town—... Many centuries ago......."

"A certain Hunter was having a hunt in the forest, then he saw lots of people passing by, "Eei, who are these people that passes by without end"..he says, but already some people have passed by including these three people...they are Amenfi, he was a giant., Amenfimaa was the sister of Amenfi and kwaagyie. The others who passed went to Accra, Kumasi, cape, and Takoradi.

When the hunter shouted "eei, who are these people that pass by without end, the people turned into a statue,—The reason why they turned into a statue was that their coming was supposed to be secret, no man was to see them but this hunter saw them and even talked about.

them... This statue is still there in a sister town to Akonoma.

Amenfi went to settle in a town called Asebu, he named it Asebu Amenfi— because where he was in Egypt, he was staying in Asebu... Asebu had sub-towns, Amosima, Moree, Apioska, and another sub of Asebu... Amenfi was a farmer, he farmed with his sister, but they made their other brother kwaagyie settle in Moree since he was a Fisherman... Amenfi will farm, and the sister will be the one to cook... She will fry maize and give it to the brother who is farming, she will throw it and the brother Amenfi will catch it and chew it hot... After farming, they will take some of the foodstuffs to kwaagyie who was fishing— and kwaagyie will give Amenfi and Amenfimaa fish.

The hunter who was in the forest was called Ako (warrior)..he was the one who made the forest into a town(Akonoma)..... Ako was a loyal hunter, he started walking in the forest until he slowly started making it into a town.

After some centuries to come the villages were open.

There was a sudden sickness all over the villages. Asebu,

Amenfi and kwaagyie as the head of the villages gathered all the people in the village, they seek all medical assistance but to no avail – they don't even know of the disease that was killing the village people.

After some weeks, people from Akonoma who has been residing in Amosima got infected by the disease and Agya Ako got to hear of it, he then called for a gathering at the village square.

At the gathering with the village people, Agya Ako initiated that "The outbreak will die only if there's a sacrifice, when I talk about the sacrifice it's burying a human alive. but I'm willing to offer myself for That sacrifice.

people did not believe in his words that took another week until the decision was made by the village heads. They set a date for the sacrifice, they prepared the sacrifice and the deepest hole near the village square.

On the day of the sacrifice, Ako said a Small piece of words"I'm very delighted to sacrifice myself for my people, I will be with you every day, I will leave with only the good times" they then descend him in the hole—many cried of losing such a man.

On the day of the sacrifice it rained heavily for two days, up to now it's still a mystery how the outbreak disappeared.

The forest that Agya Ako made into a village was named after him and celebrated him every first week of November.

The town is known as a tourist attraction and very delighted to visiting

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