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this was a sister's fight but in the end all is well that ends well

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Sister's fight

Once upon a time in a small kingdom there were two princesses who always fought for everything. The first princess was Emma and the second princess is Lila. Emma was a beautiful and kind princess and Lila is a pretty but selfish princess. Emma always looked out for her subjects and Lila was always rude to everyone. One day princess Emma went out looking like a commoner to see how the people of her kingdom were doing. She saw that everyone was sad because they didn’t have any water to drink or do chores so the princess went to the palace and requested to her father that we should provide water to her commoner people then her father was really proud then he provide water to commoner people and everyone cheered for the princess for her idea. Princess Lila was so angry at her sister that everyone was cheering for princess Emma and the king announced that princess Emma is the crown princess for her kingdom. Princess Lila was planning revenge against her sister. She was planning to kidnap princess Emma until her coronation for crown princess. Princess Emma was sleeping in her room then princess Lila’s men came and kidnapped princess Emma but they didn’t know that princess Emma was safe and someone was sleeping in her room disguised as princess Emma because the king know that someone is going to kidnap princess Emma so the king put princess Emma in a safe place until her coronation. The day of the coronation came and princess Lila still didn’t know that someone was disguised as princess Emma. Princess Lila thought that the king is going to make her the crown princess then the priest announced that call princess Emma then princess Lila was shocked to see princess Emma after that princess Lila went to princess Emma and screamed to princess Emma that i kidnapped you how did you got out as soon as she said that she regretted her words then the king order to put princess Lila into the prison then the priest announced that princess Emma is the crown princess. Everyone was really happy, crown princess Emma ruled her kingdom peacefully.

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