Harmony is big fan of Jasmine’s, loves instruments and dancing

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At school

September 9th, 2050, Harmony is in a classroom and is working with two other boys who are twins.

Dan and Tim, who has brown hair, brown skin, wearing sun dresses and white boots.

Harmony is cutting ribbons, Dan and Tim are making a head.

The head has black hair made of cloth, brown skin that is painted, eyes, a nose, and a smile.

Harmony puts ribbons on the head.

"I feel like it is missing something", said Dan.

"I agree, but what", said Tim.

"I got it", replied Harmony.

Harmony grabs a perfume out of his bag and sprays it around the head.

Dan and Tim breath the perfume and say "Perfect".

A woman who has short blonde hair, white skin, wearing a pink work outfit named Ms. Kuon.

Ms. Kuon looks at the head of the homemade doll and gives them a blue ribbon.

Dan, Tim, and Harmony gave each other high fives.

"Also nice touch with the perfume", Ms. Kuon complimented them.

“Thank you, Ms. Kuon”, said Dan, Tim, and Harmony.

After a few minutes, class was over.

“Sweet, we got first prize”, said Harmony, holding the head with the blue ribbon on.

“It’s because we are awesome”, said Dan, then gives Tim a high five.

“True”, said Harmony.

“Harmony! Harmony!” Called May.

“What’s up?” Harmony asks May.

“There is a new student that seems to be an author”, said May.

“Oh! I didn’t know you were a big fan of authors”, said Harmony, looking surprised.

“No, not a regular author”, said May.

“You mean a magical one?” Dan asks May.

“Yeah”, said May.

“Impossible, there are only regular people here”, said Tim.

“No, actually there are a few mutants here”, said Harmony. “But, why would this author come here and how do you know?”

May reveals glasses with glowing auras.

“May, did you borrow that from Comiclover23?” Harmony asks May, looking concerned.

“I did, it’s perfectly safe”, May reassures Harmony.

“Fine, why tell me?” Harmony wondered.

“She likes dancing and I may have told her, you would give her a dancing lesson”, replied May, looking nervous.

“You what?!” reacted Harmony.

“And she gave me her phone number to give to you”, said May, handing a card to Harmony.

“May, I am not a dance instructor, and again what is a big deal about this author/dancer?” Harmony told May.

“She said she is Lamita Wells”, said May.

Everybody looked shocked.

“Say what?” replied Harmony. “You mean that woman who caused the supernatural attack back then?”

“Yeah, that is her distant cousin”, said May. “But, she doesn’t want to be reminded of that, and she is staying with uncle Neddy and Jake”.

“Interesting, wait you are telling this like a news report, you joined the newspaper, you liar!” Harmony realized.

“Okay, I admit it that I actually did it, but it is only temporary”, May admitted.

“That is okay, I’m just teasing you”, said Harmony.

“You two are good friends”, said Dan.

“Thank you, so are you going to help her? She said she isn’t sure she will make many friends”, May asks Harmony.

“Fine, I will help her, but no promises about getting a scoop”, said Harmony.

“No need, I’ll do it on my own”, said May.

“Alright”, said Harmony.

“May, there you are, you ran off before I told you that I can’t go to the concert with you because my mom and dad are taking me to London back in time”, Comiclover23 told May, while walking.

“Seriously, I can’t go alone, and they would take you on a school night”, said May.

“We made a deal that anytime they have free time we go somewhere fun whether it’s school night or not”, said Comiclover23.

“Lucky! Wait, maybe I can get Marcus he’s always open to wanting to go to a concert”, said May, then runs off.

“Why didn’t you say you would go?” Comiclover23 asks Harmony.

“She asked me to help a new student learn to dance for something”, said Harmony.

“You mean Lamita Wells? That’s nice, try to make friends with her, I have the same class as her and she is sweet, a bit strange, but nice”, said Comiclover23.

“Okay, I’ll be friendly”, replied Harmony.

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