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They say God never makes mistakes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of the deities you call "God" almost always screws up. It is up to us to fix those problems. Our presence is usually unknown even to your highest of powers and to the mortals we are forces of nature. It is thankless and often dangerous work but someone has to do it. Your universe was supposed to be an easy assignment. Me and my team was supposed to keep that narcissist under control. We were supposed to minimize the damage. Unfortunately, we failed. Gods of the Gaps is a story about Agents of Chaos. These agents are elder gods who are attempting to re-live their glory days by keeping newer gods in check. They have the ability to change reality, time, and the order of anything in any dimension or timeline in order to keep newer gods from destroying everything. These agents assume the roles of that dimension's most rebellious types and spiritually possess these entities in order to disrupt the actions of a deity that might be a little too tyrannical. The agents of chaos are a buffer against universal destruction of all dimensions and as elder deities they maintain order. This is the story of four agents of chaos who ran into a particularly troublesome god who is known to be really jealous. If these 4 cannot reform this god then this universe and all universes attached to it will be eradicated. Can these 4 act as agents of chaos to change the course of dimensional history or will this dimension perish due to the actions of a selfish and jealous big brother?

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The Scapegoat as Slaughterer

Rays of sunshine lit up the training fields. Swords clashed and shields rattled. Laughing and jokes about bad swordsmanship could be heard. Some brandished weapons made of metal and others who had a younger appearance carried wooden sticks. The people took turns practicing against one another while under the tutelage of creatures with large white wings and golden armor.

Humanoids the size of mountains moved about the mock battlefield. The giants had a child's facial features but the bodies of titans. People sat upon their shoulders and taught classes with rocks, gems, and items that sparkled in the sun's light. Others showed children the ways of healing with herbs, mushrooms and how to wrap wounds. Some carved out maps of the surrounding area with stone tablets and metal chisels.

A feathered woman with soared through the skies in the heaviest armor of all the feather people. She landed on top of a giant's head. A silver handgun materialized in her hand. Her right eye was covered with a black circle that shifted into a red bullseye. She fired off a shot. A dog-sized flea tumbled off of the giant's head.

"Feel better?" she asked.

The mountain man nodded softly with moss soaked hair. The angel turned her gaze towards the training fields beneath her. She smiled. A flash of silver appeared. Her weapons disappeared. Both of the angel's wings wrapped themselves around the giant's head. She hugged the creature's ear.

Her false eye lit up with fire. A circle with an ancient symbol illuminated where her pupil would have been. She dropped to her knees. The giant slowly turned its head with a look of concern. Fire erupted from her skull into a projection of a horned entity with wings carrying a sheathed sword. There were no features such as color to this demon-like being. Only an outline of fire appeared.

"Seriously dude? You can't show up here! We're on a mission you moron!" the angel exclaimed.

The fire being spoke but in a crackling voice. "Look at you. They used to call you The Slaughterer. Now, you babysit giant toddlers and teach boys to fight. I would say I'm almost impressed if I knew you weren't full of it," the fire spoke.

She shook her fist while groaning. "Are you trying to blow our cover? Go back down there," she demanded.

"It's hot! I want to go home! They said this place was supposed to be some kind of a prison but it's just a labor camp and they have me running it!" the fire being shouted.

This argument drew the attention of everyone on the fields below and all of the other giants. More winged people appeared. Neither one of the arguers noticed the company of angels moving in closer on their conversation.

"You were supposed to gain the support of the host dimensionals. Not try to take over the whole damn place because of your stupid morals!" the silver angel screamed.

Angels with golden spears inched closer. They were shaking. Giants encircled the scene with fists raised. Everyone on the ground began to run. Other people appeared with heavier armor, weapons that were from scattered time periods, and vehicles ranging from automobiles to flying hovercraft.

"And you're perfect? You? They kicked you out of Egypt across trillions of dimensions and not because you aren't destructive. No, it's because you teach mortals the ways of destruction," the fire being shot back with.

The silver angel stood up and folded her arms. She lifted her nose to this fire creature. "So, that's how you feel? Well you can stay down there. You read the mission brief. Your role is the bad cop here and I'm good cop," she announced.

"Azazel, what the hell are you talking about? And why are you speaking with our enemy Lucifer?!"

Both of fire creature and silver angel turned their attention to the angel who had approached them. There was a brief silence. The two of them stared at one another and then back towards the querying angel. An answer was almost going to come from the fire person but he raised a finger to signal a comment and lowered it just as quickly.

The one called "Azazel" cleared her throat. She raised a finger as if to comment but also lowered her finger too. She turned towards the called "Lucifer" and shrugged her shoulders. "I got nothing. You really screwed this up," she said.

All eyes looked upwards. An angel with a pair of wings that could cover mountains descended from the clouds. It was a male. His armor was translucent with black numbers sprawled out in random patterns all across the see through metal. He raised a sword that changed in shape and complexity every few seconds as it were going through a time warp.

"Azazel, explain yourself!" the new angel demanded.

The silver angel took a step back. A flash of fire spilled out from the fiery one and he disappeared. "Shango you piece of shit! Get back here!" she shouted. There was no answer.

"I won't ask you again Azazel. Why were you talking to him and who is Shango?" the large angel demanded once more.

Her eyes darted towards the ground below the giant she stood upon. She looked back up to the angel with the shapeshifting sword. "You wouldn't understand Samyaza. But it's not like it would matter. This is all about to come to an end unless you do exactly as I say," she warned.

Those words were met with swords draw, energy weapons charged and the giant reaching up to brush her off of it shoulder. The one called Azazel took flight. She whispered to herself, "I know why you came Shango. It's about to happen. But I wanted to enjoy these last moments."

Beams of light were shot at the silver angel who dodged every projectile. Metal balls peppered the skies in volleys that caused random birds to become casualties of this conflict. In an instant, all hell was unleashed. The silver angel was flying away from bystanders. Every evasive maneuver was taken just a slight second before a direct hit.

"Sorry boys but these are my toys! You're gonna have to do better than that!" she exclaimed. She began laughing. The closer each projectile came to hitting her the louder she would laugh. "That all you got?!" she shouted.

The angel looked towards the skies. She whispered, "Come on damnit get your weapons ready. We don't have much time."

Her body froze in place. All the carnage stopped. The angel with the numbers on his armor appeared and hovered in front of her. He said nothing but cried. "Why? You? Oh all people? Why Azazel?" he asked.

She sighed. "You're wise Sam. Always were. But there are things at play here that you don't understand," she responded.

He raised his hand to her but didn't make body contact. Her neck had an invisible ring of tightening pressure that choked her when he made a gripping motion. "What don't I understand about you talking with the very egotistical maniac who almost destroyed us?!" he asked. His grip tightened even more. "What don't I understand about you summoning that guy here and thus causing heaven to likely notice us?!" he went on to ask.

"S-Sam! P-Please! I-I-I...can expl-explain!" she said, struggling to breathe and speak. He opened his hand. The one called Azazel took a moment to catch her breath before speaking. "I'm not from here. I know you won't believe that but this moment has happened over and over again. If we can make a stand here we can stop what is to come!" she said with raised hands.

The one she referred to as Samyaza raised an eyebrow while dropping his arm. "Wait, what do you mean this has happened before? And what do you mean by what is to come?" he asked.

One of the giants' eyes glowed red. Their pupils were replaced with a three clover-like symbols that intersected like a triangle. It was the symbol of the angels. The mountain person knocked Samyaza straight out of the air. Other giants began following suit. All of the flying craft that once fired at the one called Azazel were now trying to take down the giants that were peaceful moments ago.

"Sam! No! No! No! Damnit! There's no way to prepare for this!" the silver angel shouted while pulling at her hair.

Other angels poured from the skies like water from a rainfall. They were dressed in armor that blinded anyone who gazed for too long. The silver angel rolled her eyes towards the incoming angelic horde. "You colonizing bastards always win over and over again! Seems like there's only one thing you understand!" she shouted.

The fire symbol appeared on her false eye again. Thousands of silver clad aircraft appeared and opened fire upon the incoming angels. All the other combatants on the ground and the giants froze in place. They stared at the one called Azazel generating so many machines and weapons of war whose numbers dwarfed all non-angel units. Everyone on the ground covered their ears as the combined screaming of the silver angel's weapons made deafening screeching sounds.

"Not again! We fought too hard!" she shouted.

Crowds began falling in pools of blood in an instant as if a wave of invisible death struck them. A blur that came with falling feathers was the catalyst for this death plague. The silver one focused on the massacre beneath her. A fiery holographic image projected from her false eye but this time the fire changed colors for a photo-accurate depiction. The imagery was that of an angel dressed in white and blue robes that shapeshifted into azure colored armor with each thrust of a long spear.

"They sent HIM? Already?!" the silver angel questioned aloud.

He moved among the shadows of the giants with the dark overcasts matching his black hair and pitch black eyes. Tattoos of angelic symbols covered his body whenever he took a strike as if his attire changed only when he showed aggression or was attacked. The fire projection slowed down this angel's rapid movements as even the airships above would be like snails compared to him.

The one called Azazel dropped the firearm. She trembled. The projection began to show multiple beings appearing all around this fast moving angel but then combining back into a single form as if they were all the same entity and yet split when danger was present. A flash of fire made the projection disappear.

"We should've ignore protocols! We need our powers!"

That was the last thing she said before the angel who slaughtered most of the battlefield grabbed her by the throat. He sent her flying towards the ground. Her body and wings created a blood puddle as a giant's slain body broke her fall.

Voices from every conceivable direction screamed at her so loudly that it shook the earth. "YOU CANNOT BEST US INTRUDER!"

The silver angel clasped her ears and writhed in pain. Blood streamed from the sides of her ears, eyes, nose and mouth. "Stop it! Stop it!" she pleaded. Her pleas went unheard as the voices continued to chastise her.


She screamed to the top of her lungs. The one called Azazel fainted a few moments later. The angel above descended but without using his wings. His white and blue garments were now clean of the blood that he was once soaked in. A few giants who appeared to turn rabid against their own kind were still killing stragglers. The angel pointed a finger towards the remaining combatants and in a flash all of their heads were liberated from their bodies.

The voices ceased and in their place was a soft-spoken British accent. "And you were supposed to tame us? Oh, you delusional fools," he said, breaking out into laughter afterwards.

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