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I Love but I love hurting you more 🤤

Roxxi sits straddling Caleb on the living room couch while they shove their tongues down each other's throats

"Mmmm..." a harsh moan escaped from Caleb's mouth

"What you like that??" Roxxi teased him by placing her hand on his manhood

"So full" she whispered in his ear

Caleb softly shivers as her breath hits his heated skin

Caleb leans his head back and roxxi begins sucking on his neck leaving her signature behind

Caleb leans his head back forward to roughly bite roxxi's bottom lip

He reaches in between them. To undo his own belt

Roxxi clears her throat

"Allow me ..."

Roxxi slides down onto the floor to sit on her knees and moves her mouth down to Calebs belt

Celeb had already unfastened his belt but he was still wearing it

But roxxi finished pulling it off with her teeth

She looked up at him innocently while unzipping his dark jeans

He looked at her with such lust and excitement

"Mmmmmmmm......what if someone comes in?..."

Caleb said for once cautious of their doing

"Than..we ask them if they want to join" roxxi said softly giggling

"I Love the way you talk" Caleb said taking his jeans completely off

His cock sprung up because Caleb rarely wore underwear so his cock was freely exposed to her

"Ugh" Caleb looked down at himself than looked back up at roxxi

"Mm..so big and moist" roxxi said as she softly grabbed it and tasted it

"So Yummy 🤤" her eyes rolling back as she knew Caleb liked when she did that

"Suck harder baby" Caleb said holding himself up now

As she begins sucking him harder Caleb grabs her head making her deep throat him

She whimpered because she knew that, that got Caleb even hotter

Caleb threw his Head back as he moaned extremely loud

Roxxi begin licking his ball sack sucking and softly biting his balls

Caleb only got louder as he stumbled abit trying to hold himself up

Roxxi smirked

Caleb grabbed his dick pumping it

Over and over

roxxi took her shirt off her nipples hard as fuck she also took her shorts off also Not wearing underwear may I might add

Caleb watching her strip tease him as he pumped

as he played with roxxi's nipples with

the other hand as she played with her clit

And exposing it to him

Calebs eyes scanning her beautiful tan body

Calebs blue eyes got darker with lustful intentions

"I want to feel your tongue inside of me "

Roxxi pushing her fingers in and out of herself

Than tasting her sweet cum

"As you wish.." Caleb said getting onto the floor Infront of her

He leaned down and kissed her leg going up to her thigh

As he got to her thigh he stopped...

She looked at him

He kissed her soft lips

"What's wrong?" she said as the kiss came to an end

"I don't want to hurt you" Calsh said looking into her pretty brown eyes

"I want you to hurt me " she pressed her lips up against his

"..........okay" Caleb said before yanking her head back and biting her neck until he drew blood

"UGH😩" roxxi screamed out Calebs hand's tangled in her long colored hair

Caleb pulled back admiring his work he had just done to her

Roxxi fell backwards onto the floor breathing harder

"You like that you little bitch?"

Caleb shouted at her

"Uh huh😫" roxxi shouted back in pain

"You want me to teach you a lesson??"

Caleb grabbed her leg's yanking her to him

"Ahhh🥺" roxxi squirmed

Caleb got in between her legs and started biting her clit hard

Roxxi flew into arousement

"😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫" Roxxi begin shaking as pleasure run through her.

Caleb licked cum off of her vagina

Than got up and put his legs on each side of her and grabbed his cock and started pumping quickly cum shot out of his dick and onto Roxxi

He looked down at her

She was covered in his Cum

"🥺" Roxxi looked at him

He leaned down and spit on her lips

She licked it off softly looking at him

"I Love you Baby girl" the blue eyed man said

"I love you two ☺️" roxxi said

Caleb helping her off the floor

They both crawled back onto the couch fingers intertwined and they soon fell asleep together.

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