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Run away. Don't look behind. You hear that? Your metallic feet touching the grass. The blood falling from your jaw. Your right eye falling apart. You are free. But is there someone to celebrate with? No. You are alone. But you're used to it. Don't worry about loneliness, keep running. You should be grateful instead of crying. You would be more alone in death than in life.

Science Fiction Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren.
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0.- A Bit More Faster

Yuda looked through the window of his school, while hearing the marginal of Kernival screaming at him which ones were the answer and questions that will appear in the test. Yuda may be smart, but that doesn't mean he knows something confidencial as it is the last exam of history. The bell rang, before the marginal dropped him, he told him non-sense answers and random numbers assimilating the number of questions the past history test had.

He patiently walked to his classroom while cleaning his glasses.

The hardest tests are already over, so why he's so nervous? History is only memory, he could answer all the question in a couple of minutes, what was he gonna do in that dead time? Think about his future? Everytime he thinks about that is a pain in the brain. What will he study in college? Will his parents allow him to go? Will they give him the support?

He stopped and gived another look to the window. Was it really worth it? The second bell rang, he had to hurry. He opened the door and the teacher told him to take a seat. He moved his head to the left and saw the marginal with a smile, trusted by knowing the answer of a exam for a tea party movie. The teacher started to distribute the exams after saying the words: This test will definy how much you know about history, the test will include questions of all the years below you. Good luck to everyone.

Yuda grabbed his pencil, he noticed that there were more questions that needed justification. He moved his head for a last time to the marginal and saw how his face changed to a desperate one. Probably the first time he saw him put a fear face, he contained his smile and kept writing his answer.

Half an hour later, he already answered all the fifty-one questions in the test. He stared at the paper and thought: In the last test, students leaved after ending, could I do the same?

He raised his head and tried to ask the teacher if he could leave, that he already ended the test and revised it twice. But his lips couldn't open, this was a difficulty of his, talk with people. His step mother tells him very often that there will be always someone who will look for him, even if he doesn't want to. But, where is that person? It's been a while already since he talked to someone to make conversation without being obligation of the school. His father yells at him he has to stop being a faggot and talk with people instead of waiting for someone to talk to him.

I guess is more easy to say it than do it. He thought. His eyes moved to the window again. He thought: I just wanna get out of here. Maybe things will different if I leave, it doesn't matter if I leave alone, I...just wanna leave. I can't wait. I'm gonna escape.

The hour passed and the bell rang again, annoucing the exams were over. He heared how some students screamed of happiness. Everyone leaved at the minute the bell rang, except the marginal and vagabonds that always are licking his ass. He knew something was gonna happen, he just stared them back. The marginal major standed up and walked to him with a demon look. Kernival grabbed him from his uniform and pulled him to the ground.

"You fucker! You know what my parents were gonna give me if I approved this fucking exam?!" Kernival screamed while kicking him in the stomach. Yuda spitted blood, without losing his poker face he didn't say a word. The marginal grabbed him a second time and hitted him in the nose. He dropped him, hitting his head against the floor, luckly the hit wasn't so strong to knock him out. The marginals leaved him alone in the classroom, his face was covered with blood, his glasses were broken just as his nose. Is college gonna be the same?

The last exams were over, all the classes grades were closed. But there's still a month before the rest starts. Yuda standed up, grabbed his broken glasses. He stared at them for a while, the blood from his nose messed the cleaned glasses. He started to clench his teeth, making his veins show up. He raised his right hand and threw the glasses to the floor, half painted by his blood that won't stop coming out. With anger, he started to hit them repeatedly. His white hair, dyed with barely visible blood that he stained after trying to fix his hairstyle. Without saying a word he taked a seat and waited for at least one hour to all the students leave. In all that time he waited he only stared at his broken glasses covered with blood.

"There is a lake at the right of the kindergarten. If I go there, I could end things now." Yuda mumbled to himself.

After a long walk, he arrived to the lonely little "park" located out of the kindergarten. He stared at the water. His phone started to ring, it was his father who was asking him where he was. He denied the call and throwed the phone to the water. He putted his hands in the railing. The railing was supposed to prevent people to fall to the water, but it was pretty easy to climb. Yuda sitted in the railing.

His head started to hurt, it was probably because of the nose bleed, but it's been a while since it occurred. What could it be? He putted his hand in the face and thought: Can I? Can I really do this?

He stared at his hands, full with his blood. After a long sigh, he dropped the railing, and letted his body fall to the water, or that was what thought after closing his eyes.

A hand grabbed his left leg, the only thing that was drowning was his hair. He tried to see the face of the man or woman who was doing such an act. How is it even possible for a human to do that?

"Meow!" The meow of a robotic cat, almost similar to The Cat from case animatronics. And just because of that, he entered in panic.

Fuck, why didn't I jump at the moment I arrived? Yuda thought.

The Cat copy made force on his leg, making him scream of pain. The Cat grabbed his other leg and throwed him to mainland. He tried escape but a syringe hitted his neck, making him faint.

"You have to be more careful. This is the second time, if you hurt another target we'll get in problems with the central! No, I'm getting in problems with them for not controlling you properly!" A man covering his face with a black face mask, a bulletproof vest, and a card in the left shoulder a name was writed: Eun.

"Carry this guy and carefully put him in the van!" Eun pointed to the black van with the logo: Dal's Hardware Store.

The Cat grabbed Yuda and sitted it inside the van. The Cat entered and stared the face of Yuda, noticing the blood in all of it. He grabbed a bottle of water, putted a glove and began to wet it with the water. He standed up, carefully because he's still not used to the movement of the van, and started to clean the blood out of Yohan's face, hand, and also tried to clean the blood in his hair, but the blood was already dryed. Even so, he kept trying to clean it in the rest of the travel.

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