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Rebellious Nation - Revelations

Welcome to your final nightmare.

What you swore could not be true.

Time to open the Dragon's lair.

Now the Horsemen are coming for you.

After a century of endless clues.

What not to do to damn your soul.

The ultimate tragedy. People refuse

to see this destructive goal.

Pennies in the charity bowl.

Preachers live like kings.

Too many fat and comfortable,

wanting more shiny things.

Look how so many are controlable,

just like marionettes on strings.

Now this gluttony takes it's toll,

as the sands of time bring... Death.

'And war broke out in Heaven.

Michael and his angels fought with

the dragon... And the dragon and hisangels fought, but they did not prevail,nor was there a

place found for them inHeaven any longer.

So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan,who deceives the whole world;

he was cast to the earth, and his angelswere cast out with him.' (Rev 12:7)

Change the story. Start a religion.

Create an enemy. Influence decision.

Program and control. Puppet politicians.

The Masonic order....

Is taking all admissions.

Now's the time, are you prepared

to justify what's said and done.

Yes, I'm trying to warn you...

After you die, you'll see the Son.

There's only one way out you gottafind the spot with the thinnest ice.

Look at how they thrash about

like demons rebuked by Christ.

Magick in the Holly Wood.

A curse upon the child.

Posioning impoverished hoods,

while teenagers go wild.

Injecting a rejection of what

morals used to be.

Reflecting an infection on

the damaged minds of society.

"Woe to the inhabitants of the earthand the sea!

For the devil has come down to you,having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.”

I see a beast rising up out of the sea.

Seven heads and ten horns with writtennames of blasphemy.

He looked like a leopard, with feet likea bear. He has a mouth like a lion that would strike you with fear.

The dragon gave him power, his throneand his authority.

The world marveled when one of hisheads was wounded, and then healed for all to see.

They worshipped the dragon and thebeast, as they blasphemed God, they prepared their feast. (Rev 13)

At least that's how the prophecy goes.

But there's a second beast, that is theultimate foe.

This is the one that gives life to the mark,and the image of sin as they praise Baphomet.

This is the one that tells lies in the dark,as you sacrifice your own children to Set.

If your name's not in the Book of Life,You die the Second Death.

The Groom has arrived to collect Hisbride,

As lungs fry from atomic breath.

Written by: Michael W. Taylor

July 17th. 2022 ©

With Scriptural Reference.

(The Book of Revelations)—

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