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Tiffany and Becky find themselves entangled in a love affair that tests their own desires and those around them in this gripping tale. As their passionate, connection grows, they soon realize that their relationship has its own consequences. When friends and family members learn about their secret romance, they must confront their own prejudices and biases. There are those who are supportive, while others are driven to do the unthinkable in an effort to tear the two women apart. Tiffany and Becky must consider whether their love is worth sacrificing their identities and losing sight of their true selves amidst the chaos and turmoil. They have to deal with the blurred lines between love and lust, and the potential consequences of their actions as they make their way through the complicated aspects of their relationship. Tiffany and Becky's emotional journey will be explored by readers through each page as they face the challenges of love, societal expectations, and the pursuit of personal fulfillment. This novel's themes of identity, self-discovery, and the strength of love in the face of adversity are explored in an intriguing way. Be prepared to be drawn into this captivating story that will challenge your own beliefs and make you question the lengths you would go to for love.

LGBT+ Nur für über 18-Jährige.

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First day of college

A warm glow across the room was cast by the soft rays of the morning sun peeking through Tiffany's bedroom curtains. The clear blue sky outside created a serene atmosphere over the small town of Lakeside in the desert of California.

Tiffany felt a mixture of excitement and nervousness when she realized her first class of the day was at the start of the day.

Tiffany gently turned her head to see the digital clock on her bedside table. The numbers lit up brightly, indicating the time: 8 o'clock. Softly sighed, she realized that she had to start getting ready if she wanted to arrive on time for class.

As she tried to get herself out of bed, she was interrupted by a soft moan as she shifted her weight.

Gia: “What are you doing so early?

Tiffany: “Today is my first day of college; remember?

Gia: “I'm sorry babe I forgot! Do you want me to make you breakfast?

Tiffany: “No, it's okay! I will pick up something on the way.

Gia: “Okay, babe see you later have a good day at school.

Tiffany: “Okay, love you

Tiffany splashed her face with cold water in the bathroom, hoping to remove the uncertainty that was weighing down on her mind.

Her reflection in the mirror caught her attention as her hazel eyes glowed back at her. The reflection revealed a sea of emotions within her, a kaleidoscope of love, confusion, and ambition.

Tiffany is finished dressing up for school and she leans closer to Gia to kiss her; she has a strong belief that finding a balance between her aspirations and her relationship with Gia is crucial. Despite the difficulties, she was determined to make it work. Even with the confusion surrounding their hearts, she still believed in their love.

Gia: “If you keep doing this I might not let you leave.

Tiffany: “I know, but I have to go, sorry love!

Tiffany starts walking out of the room and Gia tries to control her urge to pull Tiffany back towards her chest for one more kiss, biting gently on her lips thinking why did I let her go? Oh! my God, what am I thinking? I'm gonna be late for work. She quickly jumps out of bed trying to throw on whatever clothes she can find. Suddenly, she hears a knock. As she's pulling her pants up.” who is it” “Mom”, “You forgot I need a ride to school”. I am sorry. But I'm gonna be late for work. Can you please take the bus? “Sure”. With a disappointed look on his face, he starts walking away from his mother's bedroom door. He started reaching for his right side back pocket reaching for his phone. As soon as he starts dialing some numbers the sound of footsteps stutters him, “Damm footsteps are getting closer”. He rushes out the front door. His phone starts to ring. You can hear a soft, deep voice on the other side asking. “Where are you’? Sorry, Mike, my mom couldn't give me a ride to school. But I will still be there. Are we still hanging out? Mike replies “Yeah man is not the same without you”. Hey, were you able to get the stuff?

Matthew: “Yeah! What time do I need to be there?

Mike: “8:00 PM

Matthew: “Okay, talk to you later.

The sound of a garage door opening. Matthew quickly notices It's his mother. Thinking there's nowhere to hide. Just play it cool.

Gia: “Matthew Why are you still here?

Matthew: “I couldn't find my money, but I'm going

Gia: “I better not get a call that you didn't make it to school today.

Matthew: “No, you won’t

Gia: “Okay, and don't be late for dinner.

Matthew whispers to himself “Whatever, and smiles and waves bye to his mother.

Tiffany getting ready to enter the school campus “Please turn green, please, please, she whispered to herself, anxiously tapping her foot. Each passing moment felt like it was disappearing, threatening to make her late for her first class.

Tiffany turned her head and searched for her phone in a panic. She remembered having it earlier, but her morning rush resulted in her misplacing it.

The idea of losing valuable time searching for her device made her feel frustrated.

As she was about to give up on finding her phone and consider asking a stranger for help, a sudden honk pierced the air.

Tiffany jumped, swaying around to find the source of the sound.

The honk wasn't what drew her attention. In a bright red convertible with light blue eyes that sparkled like the ocean, was seated a girl with a perfect smile that could light up a room.

Time seemed to stand still for a moment as they locked eyes. Tiffany gazed at the girl, captivated by the connection they shared in that brief moment. Although honks rang out around them, she was focused on the beautiful stranger who had unexpectedly entered her life.

Her mind was filled with thoughts racing through it. What was her name? What was she doing here? Why did it feel like something was on the verge of happening?

Tiffany was unable to process her thoughts any longer as the traffic light changed to green, and the girl in the red convertible drove away, leaving behind a trail of questions and a heart filled with intrigue.

There's a knock on her right side window. Is a furious man asking what's wrong with you? can't you see that the light is green? move your car out of the way.

Tiffany: “I am so sorry

Angry driver: “Are you okay?

Tiffany: “Yes Sr. Again I apologize

Angry driver: “Are you sure you look like you saw a ghost or something, you be careful now.

Tiffany: “I will! thank you

Tiffany realized she couldn't stay in the middle of the street as reality hit, and she snapped out of her daze. She quickly drove across the road and started turning into the college parking lot and she realized that it was full. She's thinking oh my god I am going to be so late for class. But as she approaches the last parking line there's a car leaving. She's thinking that I still have ten minutes to get to class.

The encounter with the mysterious girl lingered in the back of her mind, leaving her with a mix of anticipation and confusion. Who was she, and why had their meeting felt so unexpected yet significant?

Tiffany holding her class schedule walks towards her class on the right side as soon as you enter the building, she opens the door and walks in.

The Social Studies teacher welcomes everyone to her class and introduces herself. Hello everyone you can call me Mrs. Lee. As she continues to talk Tiffany starts to look around the class suddenly there's a low whisper; am I in the right class? Tiffany couldn't believe her eyes. It couldn't be her, Miss Lee quickly replies.

Mrs. Lee: “What is your name?

Becky: “Becky Simons

Mrs. Lee: “Yes, you are on my list. Please take a seat and welcome me to my class.

Tiffany is still speechless with that look on her face thinking oh my god this can't be happening to me! It's her! As the professor began the lecture, Tiffany's heart raced, and her mind couldn't focus on anything but the girl in front of her. She was unable to decide whether she wanted to run towards her or hide away from the overwhelming emotions that were coursing through her. Tiffany turns to see if anyone has noticed her as she turns her head back to Becky to her surprise Becky is gazing right back at her, Tiffany with a big smile on her face tells Becky there's an empty seat here if you don't mind sitting on the back?

Becky: “Thanks! And what is your name?

Tiffany: “Tiffany Tomahawk, but you can call me Tiff

Becky: “Pleasure to meet you Tiff, you have a beautiful smile. You can stare at me all you want

Tiffany thought: did she just flirt with me? I have a girlfriend, this is so awkward. What should I say?

Tiffany: “am sorry

Becky: “Don't be, am flattered

Becky: “Hey, do you want to go for a coffee after class?

Tiffany: “Before anything, I have a girlfriend. So of course, if you want to hang out as friends of course I will.

Becky: “Oh, of course, I’m sure your girlfriend wouldn't mind you having friends! Would she?

Tiffany: smiling, “No she has always instead that I have friends. She blushes and continues to smile.

As the class continues you can hear Miss Lee's soft voice on the back while Becky and Tiffany continue to talk and giggle as if they knew each other for a long time.

Tiffany's heart sank even more as the minutes ticked by painfully slowly. Was this girl a random encounter? Could it be that fate was trying to deceive her?

Tiffany's heart shook as the final bell rang, indicating the end of the class. In a rush, she packed her bag, eager to spend more time with Becky. Their connection was growing stronger with each passing moment, and they both had a silent understanding of it.

Students were crammed into the coffee shop across from the campus, with their laughter and chatter filling the air. Tiffany and Becky stumbled upon a tranquil spot and settled down at a small table, their hands brushing against each other while they placed their orders.

Tiffany's mind was swirling with confusion while they waited for their drinks. Although she couldn't deny the electricity that ignited between her and Becky, she couldn't forget Gia either. The thought of being fair to her longtime girlfriend caused guilt to gnaw at her.

Becky's smile caught Tiffany's attention at that moment, prompting her to come back to the present. A warmth spread through her veins, and it was infectious. Becky's genuine happiness sparkled in her eyes, making Tiffany's doubts disappear like sand through her fingers.

Becky notices that Tiffany is nervous. So she starts a conversation.

Becky: So Tiffany, how long have you been with your girlfriend?

Tiffany thinking: omg really. I wasn't even thinking about her. Oh, well just go with it.

Tiffany: It's going to be 2 years next month. And you! Are you with anyone?

Becky: No, I am single. Just talking to someone, but nothing serious. It's hard finding someone you can relate to.

Tiffany: Yes, I agree.

Becky: Tif if you don't mind me asking? Are you happy in your relationship?

Tiffany: Thinking, wow, I was not expecting that question. Just be honest.

Tiffany: I think there's no perfect relationship! So I am not going to lie. We are trying to work on it.

Becky: Oh, do you want to talk about it?

Tiffany: No, not really.

Becky: I understand. Well, let's change the subject! What is your major? And why go back to school now?

Tiffany: Business Administration. I just felt it was the right time. And you? What's your story?

Becky: My focus is law, I've always wanted to do something involving litigation. Am starting now because I have time.

Becky: It's getting late, I better get home. Nice talking to you, see you next Monday in class.

Tiffany: “Sorry, didn't even notice It was that late. “Yes, I will see you next Monday.

As they both are getting up and ready to walk out of the coffee shop Becky gives an eye glance at Tiffany, wanting to stay a little longer. At that moment, Tiffany felt a combination of relief and sadness. She had to face the truth within herself as the path ahead was uncertain. She was aware that she needed space right now to untangle her emotions and comprehend the confusing love that had entered her life.

Tiffany and Becky said goodbye to each other in a bittersweet manner that day, with a promise still lingering in the air. They would give each other time to breathe, find their answers, and explore their paths.

Tiffany knew that the story was only just beginning as she walked away, and the next chapter had both joy and heartache, peace and conflict, tangled in the web of her confused love.

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