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Thorne’s story

Once upon a time,in the 1860s,there was a father and his teenage son,Thorne,in a carriage,moving to a new town,which Thorne did not care to know the name of.The only thing Thorne cared about was-

“Why are we moving here in the first place?”

“Because,son,there are more opportunities for me to spread my wisdom-“

“Your “wisdom” doesn’t get you anywhere.Everyone keeps turning you down-“

“-Because they don’t understand my genius inventions!”

“Or maybe you’re just a crazy old fool.”

“Maybe I am.” His Dad smiled.

Thorne rolled his eyes at him.Boy,he sure pitied him.


It’s been two years since he moved and-well,nothing exciting happened.

His father was still obsessed with his stupid inventions (Thorne wished he had run away with his mother when she asked if he wanted to go with her.His Mom ran away with another man after being tired of his father),he made friends with a nosy redhead named Victoria and he had fallen in love with a girl named Perdita.

Perdita…she was so beautiful…so fun…her sparkling green eyes…long ginger hair…her freckles…

“Thorne! Over here!”

Thorne got out of his train of thoughts and remembered that he was in the garden and Perdita was supposed to meet with him.

He found Perdita waving at him from behind a bush.

“Oh,good heavens! No lovely girl like you should be hiding in the bushes like that! Come,come out and join me!”

He got up from his marble bench and pulled her over to sit next to him.

“So,what’s new?” Perdita asked.She folded her hands on her pink tulle gown,waiting patiently and Thorne thought she was genuinely interested in his answer.

Unlike his father who always waved him away..or Victoria who just seemed like she wanted to tear his thoughts out of his throat..

Thorne cleared his throat,grateful that she wanted to talk to him and said:

“It’s the same.You?”

“Nothing too exciting.My family is going to Paris for Christmas Eve-“

“Paris? But that’s far from here! How will you make it there in time?”

They lived in London,England and Paris,France-Well,that was further than London..he couldn’t possibly imagine someone like her on such a long journey.

“Oh,I’ll be fine.Your father makes things,right?”

“Why yes.”

“It won’t be any trouble for me if I ask him to fashion a vehicle for my family to go to Paris,yes?”

“Well I-“

“Then it’s settled.I’m going to speak to your father now.”


Thorne knew his Dad didn’t like Perdita and heknewthat he would do everything in his power to get rid of her.

That’s what he didn’t want her talking to him.Because he could get rid of her whenever he wanted.

But it was too late.Perdita had already got up from her bench and was excitedly running in the house,ecstatic at the thought that Mr.Avenal would kindly help her for such a thing.

Thorne could only helplessly run after her..


After what seemed like a thousand years,he finally reached the invention room where he imagined Perdita and his father to be in-

-But to his surprise,they weren’t there.

Just a smoking hulk of gears and wires which his father called a time machine and a single bottle of something called “Vampire potion” on the table.

Vampire potion? Since when did that get there?

No matter,Thorne would drink it anyway,just in case he needed it.

While he was gulping down the entire bottle,he realized that Perdita must have been put in a time machine.His father was saying yesterday that he’d put her in it if he didn’t like her,to be transported to another time-

NO! Perdita couldn’t really be gone,in another time period..

“Thorne? Why did you drink that potion? It still needs to be enhanced and studied-“

"Why did you send Perdita off to the future with the time machine?" Thorne asked instead.

If his father had sent the love of his life to another time period,then why should he know why Thorne drank the vampire potion?

He could see the fool stuttering and sweating,the cowardice visible in him.Thorne crossed his arms and tapped his foot impatiently.He didn’t have time for stupid games like this.

Finally,the poor excuse of his father cleared his throat and said shakily:

"It's for your own good,my son! She...she was using you!"

Wow.Was that really the best he could come up with? Why didn’t his Dad just admit that he wanted Thorne to stick around because he’d be so hopelessly lonely without him?

"No,she wasn't.I loved her!" Thorne cried out.

His father backed away as Thorne walked closer to him,a horrible idea forming in his brain.

Hey,maybe he was like his father after all! They did share the same inventive spark..

"Father...what if I...putyouin the time machine...in and out and in and out and in and out,till you couldn't feel your legs anymore?"

"Thorne,NO! That will change my personality-"

"You talk rubbish,father.That's why mother left you.That's why I'm about to damage you."


But it was too late.Thorne had already put him in the time machine,in and out and in and out and in and out.The guy was screaming like a maniac.

And then he stopped.He lay on the floor,twitching,eyes pale and white.

Maybe a change of personality would be entertaining for Thorne.He could become less of a coward and they’d fight each other forever.He was avampire,after all.He could take him down easily.

Also,he knew what to do with his useful vampirism! He’d search for Perdita.When he found her,he’d tell her his father manipulated him to be a criminal,stealing was their business,he didn’twantto steal,the whole thing.It wasn’t like Perdita would remember much with the years that passed,anyway.

He could have his miserable father dead and in the afterlife,with the support of his girlfriend.

Why the whole criminal thing? Well,it wasn’t like he could just live forever and not survive! He needed to steal in order to have the things he needed!

And it could be kind of fun..

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