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Kay has just moved in and is going to start getting used to a new life. But everything’s not what it looks to be. Her house maybe haunted. And soon she meets a demon who she hates with all her heart. But they have to be together to overcome some obstacles. And meet new friends and enemies Only one thing is missing from this book…Oh well you can find out for yourself when you read. Also on wattpad!

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New kid

Its a normal day, Kat has just moved into her new home and will have to get used to her new life. As she walks to the front door she opens it and sighs "Looks like this my new home. It doesn't look like the pictures" Her mom replied "Oh honey we still have to unpack all our things. Then maybe it will" Kat still doubting her turns to get all her things from the moving truck to put it into her new room. Its a lot for Kat and her dad comes to help. "Wow sure looks like you need a hand there. Here ill help you get settled in" He grabs some things and heads inside."Thanks." kat said sarcastically and no one really even heard her so she just continues with her stuff. Inside the house theres a staircase that leads to the next floor and a small hallway that has nothing in it but a box or two. It branches out to some rooms but Kat doesn't bother to look around and just goes upstairs. And up there is another hallway with two bedrooms and a bathroom all the way at the end of it. She goes to the first door and for the first time looks at her new bedroom.

Kat with a frown on her face "It sucks" her dad says to stop being a "negative Nancy" whatever that is, and to be happy. The room has a window to the left and a small closet in the top right corner of the room. And it's empty apart from some boxes. She lets a sigh out and unpacked the stuff she brought.

And after that with the help of her amazing dad finished unpacking most of her things along with other stuff for the house which doesn't matter right now. Kat now having a bit of a smile "Ok now this is much better" her father replied "Told you it would be. You just have to not give up" As he leaves the room to go and help with other things. Kat now alone just stands there not knowing what to do decides to just lay down for a bit before her first meal in her new home. As she lays down in her bed she looks at the time on her phone.

6:24 pm

October 1, 2015

"Wow time sure has gone past" She says with a slight bit of shock. Kat thinks and gets up to explore the house some more before eating. Now down to the first floor its not much but for a living room with a tv and some sofias. There is still stuff to be put out so its not a lot. Then in the next room is what looks to still be an empty space. the only thing there are boxes "Wonder what this is for" Kat says. Next is the kitchen which has everything a normal kitchen would have. And a table in in the corner of the room for eating. And to the right of the kitchen is a door that leads to...something. Kat doesn't know what it does lead to but thinks its a basement. And finally to right next to the stairs is another bathroom and there is nothing to note of so she just looks and goes on with her day. But not before her mom is at the front door with some chinese food. "Hey dinners here" Her mom says. Dad replied "Ok one second let me just finish our room up" A minute or 2 of waiting around and dad comes down the stairs and straight to the kitchen. And im standing there like a total idiot so I come to my senses and go with him.

Now dinner is as normal as it can be. We eat, talk for a little then finish up and leave. Easy so its not a big deal. Mom asked me about what I think of the house we got. I think for a moment and say "Its ok I mean its not the best but I can work with it" Both my parents are glad that im excepting this new change. "Well other good news you will start school monday so you and your mom better start shopping for supplies" My dad says to both me and my mom. She says she will and that first thing tommorow morning so I should get some rest. And after that theres not much so Kat finished and left. In her room she looks at the time again on her phone

8:12 pm

October 1, 2015

She has some time to kill before bed time so she gets her laptop and watches youtube. But little did she know what was to come. Something big...but what?

At night Kats getting ready for bed when she hears something. It sounds like footsteps so she calls out to her dad. "Hey dad is that you?" no response. But her mom replied "Honey your dad's asleep already are you ok?" Kats shocked to hear that and must think shes crazy so she lets it go and says "Nothing mom, goodnight" And goes to her room.

This is where it all begins

As kats sound asleep she wakes up to a thud that knocks her drawing book at her desk. She groaned and got up to put it back. She gets it and is about to put it back when...


Kat hears a voice and its not her mom or dad. Shes scared but turns around and says with the book raised above her head "Hello? whos there?"

"Its me." The voice calls back out

Kat still with the book above her head "Show yourself or else ill...Hit you with this book!" She is looking around and waiting for a response

"Ok then. But be warned im not what you think I am"

Then she hears something from beneath her bed. She turns around and getting ready for whats to come.

She sees a hand come out and grab the bed frame. A human hand so its not a monster. But what? Just then it comes out and its a person. A boy! he has black messy hair and has white skin like her. He has a basic black shirt and ripped pants. He would be normal except for the fact he has red horns on his head and a red tail from behind him.

"What are you?!" Kat says. she has never seen this before and I dont think anyone else has. And she's scared so without a second thought quickly trys to attack him. But he dogged.

"Hey! be careful with that book of yours." He says and Kat sees that he also has some fangs in his mouth with some normal teeth. She try's to get her phone and almost does before he grabs her hand to stop her.

"Dont get your phone you dont want me to be upset, do you?" He says but not in a scary voice but more of a worried one like he's hiding and doesn't want to be caught. "But why. I dont even know you. whats your name? how did you even get in here!" He says that hes a demon and that hes name is Scott and also that hes here because he has a job of feasting on her dreams. But since Kat woke up he had to get away. And instead of doing that wanted to mess with her while hes here. "So thats why im here. Is that all of your questions?" He said.

"Yes for now but I still have so many" Kat says. Scott getting closer to her says "Then ask away im here for it all." Kat is starting to freak out and again before thinking grabs her drawing book and hits him square in the face. "STAY BACK" she says and is strawberry red. Hes on the floor but gets up and says "Ok ok fine if you want I can leave"

"Yes I would like for you to leave me alone." She says and puts the book on her desk.

"Ok then ill leave but know ill be back soon. Bye dear" He turns around and disappears in the dark. Kat sighs and gets her phone to look at the time

1:31 am

October 2, 2015

Kat stands there and then puts her phone back and goes back to bed for she needs to wake up and go shopping for school. But she is still wondering on what just happened. Nows not the time so she closes her eyes and falls asleep







(Note here from the creator I want to say that this is my first time writing a story so sorry it's it's bad. It's it's super bad i'll add pictures or something to help and even if it's not i'll still do it probably because you never know...What am i saying i'm talking to no body)

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