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Smile is a solution of every problem

The way you seeing a people

The way you speaking to others

The way you behave

The way you do good thing to others

The way you helping others

The way you understand others

The way accept the presence

The way you see the problem

The way you take the problem

The way you thinking for solution

The way you trying to come out of the problem

A little seed become biggest tree

A little mistake become biggest mistake

A little drop of rain become sea

A little things are little and simple but

A little things are beginning of everything

A little problem we think it's a simple problem

A little problem is growing like a biggest tree

A little or biggest it's not important

A biggest elephant afraid about a little ant

Don't judge appearance of the person

Don't be silly a problem little or big

Don't be careless

If you have problem

Don't always thinking about it

Hope it will be fine

Trust God he is there for you

Think solution in different way

If you don't get perfect solution

Think someother solution

There is a solution for all problem

You are the creater of the problem

So definitely you get the solution of problem

Always keep smile on your face

That is a beginning of all solution

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