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She lived a life being emotionless, until a boy changed everything..

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Intro.. Chapter 1

It was a nice and cool era, where a girl full of happiness, joy, not bothered, kind ......

Caro, a young girl of 15 years, was in high school. She loved to walk with boys only...lol, a funny reason behind her not liking girls was because her female friends got her scared of an occupation she wanted to do. This reason was why she liked boys as friends thinking they will be of much help, understanding and caring...She was very beautiful and from a medium-class family...The parents are very strict to exact. She got home a day after school and got her first keypad phone, she was so happy that her mum got her the phone.. she took the phone to school the next day, got a sim registered and a friend created a Facebook account, in short Fb. Caro was emotionless, she never had any kind of emotions...... She started receiving care through the account she created, and made lots of making friends, she couldn't meet them, since she's prohibited from going on an outing, as I stated her family is very strict.. after being on the app for a month, A guy sent her a friend request with the name Ebenzy Filla (Ebenezer that's his name). She laughed as she saw the name, "hahaha haha how could someone use such hilarious a name".

... Then days passed... Caro accepted his request.

The story begins...,...

Eben is a beginner in all things. met Caro on Facebook a social media as we have hyped it nowadays in this modern technology world... she wasn't that well settled when it comes to emotional feelings so didn't know how to accept the boy's proposal for the first time ... Funny her........Eben proposed to Caro but she rejected them.

Days kept passing by and by still, and Eben still tried his possible best to change her mind. The boy continued to try his best again and again just for the girl to accept his proposal. "Distance doesn't matter when it comes to relationship" as it is legalized and well noted about relationship demands. so that got Eben fighting for the girl's love, being pressured, cared and having this love feeling from Eben, Caro accepted his proposal...

"The real challenges of Caro begin:

Will it end just there or new moments begins..."

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