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18 year old Chanel Rosalyn and Sadie Michelle are labeled as the perfect girls.Their in cheer,rich and popular.everybody wanted to be them but they would never expect what they are really like out of school.

Krimi Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren.

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new york 1959

it was a Monday and me and sadie we're passing notes about how much sexist are school was and they said girls were only good for having kids and cooking for their husbands. Sadie didn't seem to care all that much about it she just said that this is how life is and we should get over it i wish that i could. I never really thought about it though.The bell rang and Sadie had to talk with the teacher about her low grades she said to not wait up but I did but when the warning bell rang I only had 3 minutes to be to class and my music teacher gives everybody who is late lunch detention so I started to walk to my locker that was a few steps away from the classroom.I went to music and I didn't see Sadie and honestly have no idea where she would be she is a person who skips a lot in the bathroom so I thought she would be there. I asked my teacher to go to the bathroom and she said "you better be here back in five minutes or you'll be late" even though the bell already rang. I rushed to the bathroom because I didn't want to be late and when I got in there I didn't see anybody in the stalls by the sinks behind the door.I never found her so I just went back to music I didn't get there on time so I got lunch detention but I didn't really care I just wanted to know if Sadie was ok. After music ended i went to my locker to but my bookbag away but than I saw John Adams Sadie's boyfriend and Sadie whispering to me to come outside.I don't usually skip class but pe is my leat favorite class so I didn't really care.They send a black silvery box and they said "here it will help with everything you are going through"

"hey Chanel i didn't see you in pe" Rosie always said that to me even though she knows that I hate her. we used to be best friends in kindergarten to third grade but when we got to fourth grade she started hanging out with all the boys and I didn't really care that much as long as she was happy but I figured out that she was talking behind my back to them it's saying how annoying I was.

"oh yeah I was..... in the nurses office!" I knew she wouldn't believe me that was in the nurses office because I don't show my pain but I couldn't tell her that I was doing a drug deal with John Adams. I was Promoted as Perfect does no wrong.

"oh...the nurses office?" didn't know why she said that because I literally just said it but I knew she was just playing along with me.

"yep.. totally" i said under my breath.

"sorry what did you say" Rosie said ugly grin on her face like she knew something bad was gonna happen to me.

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