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One : The Beginning

It was the day when something changed my life as this was the day when lateral entry has came to my school . Actually the institute in which I studies is a world in which you learn everything which is important to your life .

The ways to the hostels are the streets of knowledge. You shape yourself here only .

We were in our second phase of this world the time was of afternoon when I saw her first time. She was in Black track suit. Enough pretty but in whole class 7th she was just as my classmate. Always quite in class as she is right now if someone says me to describe her I only say :

“Sweet as sugar , calm as River and lovely as rose” .

When she comes in front of me I always used to think about those who says that you are always serious just like people’s of 90’s but this is your life when it says that “jaa beta ji le apni zindgi you have to do same” you can’t deny that .

But when I came in class 8th there was my one of the trusted friend named as David and a another friend named as Olivia. They both are just like my brother .

It was a sweet summer and I was in class she was going somewhere she asked for my help. That was the turning point of my life when I had a feel of belongingness in my heart. I remember my wordings that “she is mine now” .

As I was liking her from everywhere , those mistakes she does sometimes were also liked by me. As someone said that :

“Pyar mai sabh haraa haraa dikhta hai”.

As defined in my school culture meaning of crush is “Aukat se bahar ka pyar” but she was not my crush she was my Desire.

My main mistake was that I have not told about this to anyone not to David nor to Olivia .

As one day my friend olivia asked me :

“Where are you always lost”

“No , nothing has happened” I said

“Do you have any crush” he asked excitedly asked

“No” I nodded

I was silent during those as there were going something wrong in my life . But in this stress I always saw her face always calm and charming. She was my inspiration she was my strength but yes one thing which changed me a lot is her entry in my life. I was type of a rude person as I always lost my temper easily I never smile easily but yes , when she came to my life I started smiling she changed me a lot she made me confident and I was fill with patience just because of her . she is my lifeline and I can't think hurting her at any cost.

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