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This story is about a girl getting abused in her relationship and running away because she got forced to do things she didn't want and found her TRUE love Read the stories make sure to comment and follow for more content like this or others give me the support!

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My Story...

Hi, my name is Essence I have a boyfriend...his name is Jay I fell in love with him back then because he was a sweet loving charming gentleman..at the time here is my story of how I found my TRUE love.

One a nice summer night Essence was asleep lightly snoring and peaceful as she heard the door open she woke up "O-oh um... Jay good evening" she said nervously leaning up out of the bed "What the hell are you doing in the bed" Jay said coming over as he raised his handfast and slapped me before I could answer. "I-I was just sleeping," she said as tears flow down her face "I didn't tell you to sleep," Jay said as he was gripping her shirt and throwing her against the wall, "I love you, baby," he said as Essence tears were dripping on the floor as she feared for her life she said "HOW CAN YOU LOVE ME IF YOU ABUSE ME!? Pov: I-I should've never said that..) "I can do what I want," Jay said so boldly as he start kissing me and going down slowly throwing me on the bed. "N-n-no p-please don't do this again," I said begging him for forgiveness as I started to back up "I.DO.WHAT. I.WANT" he said as he slapped me and start to take our clothes off "NO! PLEASE! not again..." I said as I screamed because I couldn't handle the pain especially when it's not pleasurable.


Essence wakes up early on a bright sunny day while the sun was shining through the windows "I have to get out of her I am sick of being abused and ra*** all the damn time" she said with a little base in her voice. As Essence began to pack her clothes before Jay arrived she had finally got done out of the house and took some of the safe money as she ran and she suddenly bumped into somebody "I-I'm sorry she said as she slowly looked up Pov: H-he's so tall and muscular" Essence said slightly scared "Oh my bad I wasn't looking where I was going" Tre said holding out his hand "N-no its quite alright" Essence said smiling "That's a beautiful smile" Tre said smiling back "Oh um... thank you" Essence said slightly blushing "No problem a nice compliment to a beautiful lady" He said, as Essence smile Tre began to slowly catch feelings as he thought she was the one for him "Where are you headed?" Tre asked Essence out of curiosity "I um... I'm going...I don't know I'm just trying to escape from my abusive ex" Essence said sadly "ABUSIVE?" Tre said as he was shocked "Y-yeah Essence said quietly as her eyes began to water "That's no way to treat women" Tre said hugging her tightly in his toned arms "You can live with me till your ready to move out and get back on your feet" Tre said smiling "Um... I don't know about that... I mean we just met" Essence said hesitantly "Cmon it'll be fun we can get to know each other, play games, go out and so much more," Tre said happily smiling "F-fine only if you don't do anything I don't accept," Essence said "Bet," Tre said as they both started smiling at each other

What will happen? Will Tre keep his promise? Will he do the same thing Jay did? STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT! Make sure to comment and follow!

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Über den Autor

Jayden Lovemee Hiii my name is Jayden I got inspired to start writing stories for people if you have any suggestions questions or anything please comment and tell me to hope you all enjoy it and stay safe!

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