Bad Juju

A demon who disliked his nature is sent as a spy in a human academy.

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It's not like he wanted to be a bad guy. He was forced to. Everytime he tried to run away from them, from his life, it always ended up catching up to him. It all started before he even understood the meaning of death. They had made him slit the throats of traitors when he was still wobbly on his legs. As he grew up, he understood they were evil. But it was no use, he had no where else to go. He had demonic blood flowing in his veins and his slitted red pupils betrayed his nature. Everytime he had ran away, humans had tried killing him. And they always ended up bringing him back to this darned place.

He was currently in his room, playing a video game on his portable game device. A message notification popped on his screen.

"Awesomeguy: It's time for your medical examination."

The game he played was actually developed by the demon organization he was part of. They also had their own internet. So, the game was only available to people of the organization. And it also somewhat served as the main texting platform because it was safer and more discreet.

He saved his game and turned off his console before going out of his room. The corridors were dark, as expected of a demon's HQ. He slowly headed to the medical station. He could hear talking from behind a few doors. It was currently winter and the sun went down early, giving this place an even creepier vibe.

He stopped in front of the double doors leading the medical facility. He sighed before entering.

"Rav! Comme sit here, it's time for your examination." The nurse said with a smile.

Rav did as asked and sat down. The nurse, Selva, grabbed his arm gently and took his blood. She checked his pulse, weight, and many other things.

"All done! You are free to go now." She said encouragingly, while giving him a bottle with pills in it.

"Thanks." He said while waving goodbye.

He went to the kitchen while shaking the pill bottle in a slow rythm. The pills were actually sedatives, as all demons had trouble sleeping because of their night hunger.

Two people, or more precisely, two demons were currently eating in the kitchen. On their plates were raw steaks and other uncooked meat pieces. They were two brothers, one older and taller, Jake, and one smaller and younger, Sam. Jake wasn't very outgoing and extroverted, and in contrast to what one would be led to believe based on age and appearances, it was actually the younger one of the two who acted as the leader.

"What's up Rav! Ready for tomorrow?" Sam asked him with a smirk.

"..." Rav didn't answer him and took a glass of water.

"I bet you're just so happy to finally be able to get away from this place." He continued, still grinning.

"..." Rav swallowed his sedatives.

"Lucky guy gets to nibble on human flesh." He snickered.

Clang, he slammed his glass on the countertop and glared at Sam.

"Oh, right. Little Rarav refuses to sate his hunger! I wonder why?" He continued, unbothered by his glare.

Rav crossed his arms and leaned on the countertop.

"Ah! Isn't it because-" Sam continued but his brother, Jake, put his hand on his shoulder, signaling him to stop.

"Tsk." Rav clicked his tongue and walked away.

Tomorrow was the day he would infiltrate a human hero academy. Heroes worked to develop their abilities granted upon them by the gods to be able to fend off the invasions of monsters and secondarily, kill demons. About 300 years ago, humans began receiving blessings from the gods. But the more wicked humans received a curse instead: the curse of hunger. This curse did fours things: first, it altered the physical appearance. Second, it allowed them to wield a dark power. Third, it gave them super strength. Finally, it made them hungry during night. The hunger could be temporarily sated with normal raw meat, but if you wanted to get rid of it for the whole night, you had to ingest human meat. Basically, the curse turned them into demons. But as positive and powerful it looked, the more one would wield the dark power, the more their mind will get twisted, and the more they use their super strength, the harsher the backlash would be. Sadly, the curse was hereditary and tended to twist humans at birth. But it wasn't the same for every demon. Some became twisted faster, or started on a bad level. For example, Sam and Jake. Jake was born more violent than Sam, he would happily beat up other kids when he was 4, but Sam got twisted faster. While Jake was only violent, Sam got more twisted everyday. He would enjoy kidnapping humans and slowly eating them alive, though he could barely enjoy stabbing a human ten years ago. But Jake could never do something like that. He didn't enjoy human meat. Rav on the other hand, wasn't born twisted and didn't get more twisted as he grew up, as if he was a simple human... or so it was usually. But if certain conditions were met, his personality would become abnormally twisted. It was a very rare medical condition. Because of it, he grew up feeling out of place. He didn't belong in this place where violence and cruelty was thoroughly enjoyed. Seeing blood didn't make him happy. All his life the adults made him do attrocities expecting him to smile in joy. Rav wasn't a normal demon. That's exactly why he was chosen to infiltrate a human academy. Normal demons couldn't refrain from full filing their twisted instincts and doing sadistic and violent things. But Rav absolutely could. Rav could easily pass as a grumpy teenage human. No one wouldn't suspect him from being part of the disgusting beings called demons. In fact, there was so many humans more demon worthy than Rav. All Rav had to do was avoid going to sleep late, and sometimes show off going to bed late while resisting his hunger. That's why, tomorrow, Rav would wake up early, get a high performing magic spell to hide his red pupils, and head to the human hero academy called "Solstice".

But Rav didn't want to go to that place. He didn't like humans much more than demons. He considered them as hypocrites and idiots. Actually, there wasn't much Rav liked in general. There was music, the rain and plants. Maybe he kinda appreciated a few animals. Like turtles, snakes and cats. But otherwise? Rav wasn't enthusiastic about life. That's why, those few things he liked were very immortant to him. Rav was a popular anonymous musician and had made quite a few fans with his melancholic music. Not that he cared about his fans. He considered those humans stupid, crazy, for appreciating music made by a demon. Because of course, no demons liked his music. It wasn't violent, twisted enough for them. Anyway, he would probably have to stop composing music. Why? Because if anyone would end up connecting him to his fictional name, "Damon", which he used as an alias when publishing music, people would soon understand he is a demon. In quite a few of his songs, he either clearly stated he was a demon or made allusions to it. For example, in his song called "reflections", he says " ... and the red eyes stare back at me in the mirror." Or in his song called "home", he says "...my brothers howl at night... screaming in hunger..." and in his song "bloody moon" he literally says "the curse of hunger weights down on me" which is basically saying "I'm a demon".

And so, as his eyes slowly closed, Rav continued dreading the time he would wake up.

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