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Zaneska Vergara is a dominant type of person. She always gets everything she wants in life. She is the kind of woman who is willing to sacrifice her own wealth for the things she wants to achieve. She was a queen in her own empire, an heir to her own company, but there was one thing she lacked: a man who was there for her no matter what happened. She met the boyfriend of her best friend, Zander Harreon Arcanghel, a man with a simple life, a public school teacher, but for the first time she met him. It was as if an arrow had struck her and landed in the center of his heart. She is so in love with her best friend's boyfriend. Sadly, the man doesn’t see another woman other than Mitch Saika Claveniria, his best friend. They are about to get married, and she is just a bridesmaid to the man she once loved. But there was an incident that changed their lives together when the father of her best friend was diagnosed with severe leukemia. So she offered a large sum in exchange for the man she loved. She is happy that her best friend sacrificed their relationship in exchange for her father’s life. Later on, So she entered into Zander's life. She did everything to make the man love her too. A year passed, and her labors bore fruit. It proposed marriage to her that she would enjoy completely. Finally, the thing she had dreamed of happening was that she truly claimed the man she loved the most. But, two years into their marriage, the man found out her secret. He decided to leave her and filed an annulment to permanently divorce her. Can Zaneska Vergara still save the marriage she has with Zander Harreon Arcanghel Or will she let him leave her forever?

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Zaneska's voice could be heard throughout the mansion. Because she saw the look of her expensive large jars that were broken on display in her living room. When she entered her house with the three broken jars scattered on the floor, it was as if she were in a trance.

"All of you come here to the living room! Who did it? Do you have any idea how much that is? It costs more than your life! If none of you will admit it, it's better to pack your belongings and leave my house!" I exclaimed loudly.

My ten assistants bowed their heads in front of me. Others are still trembling in terror. Because they can see how angry I am now.

Later, with a bow, one of Lucianna approached me.

"I'm sorry, ma'am; my son arrived earlier.And he was playing in the living room, so his hand just happened to land on the jars," she explains.

My hair stood on end all of a sudden.

"Luciana, my house is not a playground. I told you both just before you came in as my staff that you should take care of the things inside the house. "I said this while holding my brow in one hand and my other hand on my hips.

I noticed she was trembling in fear of what I was about to do to her.

"Allright, please put that broken jaraway and throw it in the trash can. So the next time something breaks in this house again, I'm not going to forgive you," I explained to each of them individually.

They nodded and walked away in front of me, leaving Luciana to shed glass. I then went to my room and sat on my bed. My phone rang after a while. I answered because it was my assistant, Randolf, who was calling.

"What exactly is it?" I asked him.

"Miss Zaneska, all of our investors have pulled their investments in us," he said over the phone, trembling.

My brow furrowed in response to what I heard.

"What's the reason, Randolf?" I asked.

"I'm not certain, Miss," he admits.

"Fix it right away," I said.

"I tried to fix it, but they need to talk to you," he says on the other end of the phone.

"And why is that? You're my assistant, so you have the authority to solve the problem."

"I've done everything I can, but they still refuse. Mr. Chin is even worse," he complains.

Mr. Chin is a Chinese investor who lives in China. We fixed the investment, but why was he yanked? Is he lying to me? I sat down on the bed, my phone still in my ear.

"Randolf, take a deep breath. "I've heard your nervousness all the way up here," I said.

"I was suddenly afraid that you would chastise me for withdrawing their investments," he said.

Because of what he said, I rolled my eyes.

"Aren't you used to my routine? How long have you worked with me?" I asked.

I could hear his heavy breathing on the other end of the line.

"All right, call them and set up a meeting," I said.

"OK, Miss," he said as he hung up the phone.

I put the phone down on the table, undressed, and went into the bathroom to take a shower; I'm leaving now; it's about seven o'clock in the evening.

I had a flashback to Mitch. She didn't even call out to say hello. Their house is in the province, and I haven't seen herin a long time. I'm too preoccupied with my life. As a result, I sometimes neglect myself.

So I decided to get out of the house and go to the city to relax. I couldn't even give my housemates free time anymore. I know they need a break as well because they work hard here at the mansion. I also provided them with excellent benefits and pay.

I have no issues with them because they are both courteous and dependable at work. They are both unmarried. Luciana is the only one had achild without a husband.

I emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my entire body.

I looked for clothes that I could wear later in the day in the city.

I tookmy ripped jeans and binge-colored crop top. I put on light make-up and wore it. I went down the stairs before I was satisfied with my appearance. First, I went to the kitchen to take a look. And I noticed some foods that had been prepared on the table. I slicea piece of cake and ate it.

When Luciana entered the kitchen, I was drinking water.

"Please call them all, Luciana, and let us eat together," I said.

Shestoppedas a result of what I said. Maybe she istaken aback because I had just saidthat we would all share a meal. They all entered the kitchen a minute later, while I was already sitting in a chair.

"All of you sit down and eat," I order.

They took their seats one by one and began to eat.

"Maybe you'd like to accompany me to the city to unwind," I suggested.

They all turned to look at me at the same time.

"All right, Miss, we'd like to try going out at night as well," Mila said.

I cracked a grin.

"OK, get dressed, and I'll meet you all outside the house," I said.

I stood up and walked out of the kitchen. I called Randolf while I was out of the house. I called three times, but he never returned my calls. He called just as I was about to hang up the phone.

"Hello, Randolf, how are you?" I asked.

"At home, Miss," he replied with a heavy breathing.

It's as if he's been running for a long period.

I thought I blushed when I realized what Randolf was doing. I quickly hung up the phone and pressed the power button. Shit! I was suddenly embarrassed about what I had done. Why did I dial his number? When I realized he'd done something shady.

Randolf has a girlfriend who lives in the same house as him. Their relationship has been going on for four years, as far as I know. It's a good thing I never found out about his girlfriend's jealousy. Better in a relationship where there is mutual trust. I suddenly wondered, Why didn't I have a relationship? Is there something wrong with me? Is my appearance unattractive? Is there nothing unique about me? But I didn't feel insecure in the good relationships of others. I've reached this age, but the man hasn't come for me yet. I've been waiting outside the mansion, but the girlswho were with me in the house have yet to come out.

I also noticed that they were pushing up against the gate.

"Hurry up, it's too late," I told them.

As a result, they moved closer to me. I held a big car to accommodate all of us. I was able to smell their perfumes. Why do they appear to be drenched in perfume? My head shook. They weren't overjoyed at the prospect of coming out. Because I can see it on their faces, they are all wearing make-up. I started the car and drove away from my house.

"You should all know how to drive because if it's like this, I'll have difficulty driving because you're all heavy," I joked.

They were all cracking up. We've made it to town. I stopped the caron the outskirts of the plaza. We were all getting into the car and driving away. The night is cool. My eyes darted all over the place. There are still businesses open, and couples sit in cement chairs holding hands. I furrowed my brow. I was obsessed with earning money.

I had no idea there was a place like this in the city. In the center of the plaza, there is a fountain. There were kids running around and groups of girls and boys dancing. I turn to face my companions, who are already sitting in a shop selling stick-pierced foods. I could see the joy on their faces. They're all nine, but I'll never forget what they're called. They brought light into my life. I was relieved that there were some people who stuck by me. That means I have a good attitude.

I was staring at them when someone grabbed my hand. When I looked at it, I noticed that the girl was unkempt. Hertwo hands are extended to me.

"Can I have some money? I'm hungry," she said, holding her stomach.

I reached into my channel bag's money pocket and handed it to her.

"The amount of money you gave," she said to me.

"How much does that cost?"

"It's a thousand, Ma'am," the child said replied.

I smiled as she said it.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"I'm just dirty, but I know how to count money." She explained.

"Why are you grimy?"

I appear to want to talk to this kid.

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