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"Everyone can't live without a secret" In year 2850 our society is divided into two types of individuals, the Copious and the Destitute. The Copious got everything in the world, money and power. The Destitute are forced to live underground because of the belief that the Destitute bring chaos to this world. Meanwhile there is an orphan girl named Uriah Smith whose family belong to the Destitute before got adopted by a rich family and that's when she discovers a fragile secret on how the rich become wealthy.

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Uriah's P.O.V

I wake up with a sound of feet running down the stairs. My fingers stretch out searching for my watch on my tableside. I checked the time and it is already 9:00 in the morning. I immediately get off my bed knowing the possible consequences that I may receive if I wake up late.

I put on a red dress with a bow on the middle and I tie my hair with a ribbon from my late mother, it was a purplish and pinkish ribbon. This ribbon is the only thing that is left with me that carries the memories of my late parents.

I need to be presentable today since our Headmistress confirmed to us yesterday that there is a couple that would love to adopt a child, but if you're thinking that I would want to be adopted well I don't want to. All I want now, well not just now but everyday my eyes open was to be with my mom and dad and yes I know the only thing that can bring back their presence is by taking the same fate my parents have chose, to die.

I get down to the lobby of the orphanage and line up with my fellow orphans most of us came from the Destitutes and I'm not an exception. As there are thoughts running inside my mind, I heard a familiar voice of a lady speaking up with a serious and angry tone.

"Orphans, I would like to tell you that youre meeting someone today and please be polite and respectful because they are one of the Copious." The fat lady with a red hair said to us while holding a stick that she always carry with her. This red hair lady is the headmistress I was talking about. Her name is Mrs. Sally Fougfire, Mrs. Fougfire is the head of the orphan everyone obey her rules especially if you'll know her consequences such as making the children sleep in a room of rats when they disobey her filthy and unruly rules. After her r

I tried many times to run away from this hell hole but I always fail because there are a lot of security systems in the orphanage because people in our society believe that Destitutes people are dirty and cause nothing but chaos to our world and that we deserved to live in the underground where we are isolated away from the developed life outside.

My family where not like any other Destitutes, we lived in a small cottage at the forst away from the Main City, where only Copious are allowed to stay and live. What we are doing was actually wrong, the authority of the Prime world only allowed the Destitutes to live underground and cannot live on the top it's literally like top and bottom class. But my parents disobey the rulsles because they said that we deserved much better treatment from the Prime Authority. This belief of my parents also killed them. I forgot to said that I also have an older sister her name was Ujian, but I don't know where she is now because they seperated us, I was only five when that happen and a month from now I am going to celebrate my 10 years of existence, existence that no one would like.

Meanwhile as I'm going down memory lane, I heard footstep slowly approaching my room, so I fixed myself up and pretend that I'm reading and a second after that the door of my room opened exposing the presence of Ms. Fougfire and a man and a woman whom I can say a member of the higher class based on what they are wearing.

" Uriah this is Mr. and Mrs. Watson and they are here to check if they can see a child that will make them interested in adopting it." Mrs. Fougfire said while introducing me to these two person I don't know.

" Hi so you're name must be Uriah." the woman whose probably in her fourty with a brown hair and a green eyes said to me.

"Yes." I answer coldly.

"Well I'm Mrs. Jane Watson and this is my husband Mr. Dane Watson." The woman who introduces her name as Jane said to me while smiling sweetly.

I didn't reply to what Mrs. Watson said so Mrs. Fougfire break the silence between all of us.

" You know what Mr. and Mrs. Watson there are other kids who are better than her." Ms. FougFire said while leading the couple outside my room and after they got out, Mrs. Fougfire slams my door.

After a week I didn't heard anything about the Mr. and Mrs. Watson not until today.

"Uriah Get Down!" Mrs. Fougfire screamed from downstairs.

I get down stairs to know what this fat lady want from me.

" Uriah pack your things now because your getting out of here." Mrs. Fougfire said in a serious tone.

Wait why did they decided to throw me on the streets because I was too stubborn. I hesitated at first but I get the courage to ask Mrs. Fougfire the reason why I need to pack my things up.

"But Mrs. Fougfire, why do I need to pack my things?" I asked with a scared tone on my voice.

" Remember Mr. and Mrs. Watson, they chose to adopt you so stop asking question and fix your things up." Mrs. Fougfire said irritated.

While I was fixing my things I can't believe that they chose me when all I did was to snob and give them cold treatment.

There must be something special about this couple, among the other kids in this orphanage why me?

Well I cannot resist this offer because it's the "rules" I just really hope they would treat me good not as their slave.

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