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Call It What You Will

We're in a lot of trouble folks...

Too few of you are listening.

So actracted to... all the shiny

things a glistening.

We're missing something here...

Oh yeah, it's called respect.

Way to over sensitive and

narcissistic as heck.

What a mess, who could have guessed.

Look what societies have become.

We think we're so smart but

the Truth is, we're dumb.

Let me sum it up for ya.

There are very few facts in life.

The rest is lies and propaganda,

resulting in war and strife.

Division is a manufactured idea,

with roots buried deep in sin.

Let us examine that word for a

second... Let the processing begin.

** Sin is a lack of regard for life itself

and the concept of what is good.

Weather one is too harm oneself

or another, or any living being

without remorse or pity or to take life,

which authority has not been given to

you, (Thou Shalt Not Kill), is sin.

Sin is a process of doing something

that is against the basic principles of

caregiving, nurturing or serving another.

Sin consists of a desire to follow ones

own whims in life regardless of a

negative outcome. 🙏

So now that we can grasp this word and

all that it entails.

Can we not examine ourselves and

change the course we sail.

The signs are all around us that we're

steering right into the storm.

Instead of trying to change everyone

else, I think it's time for personal reform.

It's starts with each and every one of

us, individually we must self correct.

When you have a plank of wood in

your eye, you can't see your brothers


Hypocrisy knows no bounds these days,

better practice what you preach!

Only when you have examined all facets,

it's appropriate to go and teach.

Quit looking out of your own two eyes,

and see the world from the outside in.

You'll see how rediculous we all look,

and then maybe change can begin.

Exploitation of and squandering all

the things that sustain our existence.

Will lead to our own extinction...

This doesn't make any sense.

Awaken your Pineal gland.

There's some things to understand.

Can't you see the plight of man?

The final grains of sand are slipping

through His hand.

Look at the grand scheme of things.

Don't be a puppet on Lucifer's strings.

Death and destruction... Sadness

he brings to those in allegiance to

all these evil things that we know of

and still practice... Tactless...

Factless... Over opinionated.

How can anyone even think clearly

when we're all so over sedated.

You cannot take it with you if it don't

fit in your coffin.

I'm quoting Sean from Atmosphere,

because them words apply so often.

It's all Fiat money anyway. Leave

nothing to your children.

The corporate banks will take it

away as soon as their backs are turnin'.

Everyone's got something to say,

but it's all parroted half truths now.

Worshiping everything under the sun,

You might as well worship a golden cow.

Opinions are like assholes and all of

them smell.

Don't make a mockery of heaven

and hell.

There's plenty of blood for sale if

you want to entertain death.

But your soul will be destroyed as

your carcass breathes it's last breath.

I'm tired of this sin, but you can Call

It What You Will.

You can spill my blood but Mighty

God In me, you'll never kill.

Written by: Michael W. Taylor

May 11th. 2022 ©

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