C Clark Carbonera

A poem for those who talk too much.

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You talk about fun

and smell the white powder

that in our childhood was just

remnant of the chalk on blackboards.

And while you talk

I remember us watching

the blue through the window

with the stars gliding by.

You talk about relieving yourself

and you get wasted at parties

on weekends until you

lose consciousness.

And while you talk

I smile, remembering

our childhood jokes.

You talk about being happy

and lose patience with

anyone who crosses

your way or word.

And while you talk

I sing and dance my

favorite songs.

You talk about eternal love,

about romantic movies,

but you'll take anyone

you feel like in front of you.

And while you talk

I comb my hair

in the mirror with

vivid and full eyes.

You talk about freedom

and you go from penny to

penny, without realizing that

your wings are not on the

bank account.

You talk...

You talk...

And from there you talk...

While I'm dancing

In my empty room, light

like a bird with the heart

here on the other side.

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C Clark Carbonera “A utopia está lá no horizonte. Me aproximo dois passos, ela se afasta dois passos. Caminho dez passos e o horizonte corre dez passos. Por mais que eu caminhe, jamais alcançarei. Para que serve a utopia? Serve para isso: para que eu não deixe de caminhar.” Fã de carteirinha de Buffy - The Vampire Slayer.

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