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WARNING: All rituals contained in this book are fictitious. Do not try to reproduce them under any circumstances, not even out of curiosity. "The book... You opened it, we came." Without asking for anything and through the voices in my head, I wrote these stories and these rituals, which only left me alone after being written and transformed into texts. In the next few pages, you will realize that life is a one-way trip, where the last station is death. For until the present moment they were the biggest nightmares that came my way. I don't know if I can open up to you about this book as if it were a birthday present, because I didn't need a reason to write them: they were orders of the reverse world. I didn't need rhyme, or any poetry. And there's nothing I'd rather do right now than introduce this book to each of you. Each text is a party, where the guest of honor is terror, suspense, anguish, fear and especially the inexplicable. In addition to inspiration, I researched apparitions, found hauntings, supernatural accounts, creepypastas and even walked the dark road that leads directly to hell. This road has no "stop" signs, let alone speed limits. No one is going to make me slow down these tales, as each one tends to be more grotesque, and at the same time poetic, than the other. The name of each character was revealed to me after consulting a Ouija board, which I got confirmation from Charlie-Charlie. I present, in the form of short stories, a new vision of vampirism, revenge, the escape from German Nazism, exorcism, the s****l complicity between bizarre beings and even my own Frankenstein monster, only to, in the end, , you might ask yourself: are we predestined to be faithful or fatal people? Lutécio Falu

Horror Monster Literatur Alles öffentlich.

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When Natalie was still a child, even a girl couldn't help but notice that her family was growing. Her father, who was a realtor and one of the most reputable in the city, decided to buy a house much bigger than the one they lived in. The demand was great and almost impossible. It was like finding a needle in a haystack. But at last he managed to find one that met all of his and his family's needs. The price of the house was extremely affordable, as it belonged to a widower who won the lottery and left town. And after being bought in a short time, Natalie, her sisters and her parents soon moved out of the house.

- This house is beautiful and huge, Dad! – Natalie said, amazed at the size of the new residence – I can barely see our room!

- And you're only seeing her from the outside - said her father - wait until we enter.

As soon as they arrived, they tried to arrange everything as quickly as possible, so they could get to know the neighborhood and everything else the new neighborhood could offer. But unfortunately the cleaning took a long time and unanimously, no one else wanted to leave, they were so tired. That day, everyone went to bed early. Natalie and her sisters got the biggest room, as they were three sisters, her parents got the middle room and little Josh inherited the smallest room, as he was the youngest member of the family.

- Look at that huge room - said Nancy, Natalie's younger sister - it's enough for the three of us and we can still accommodate more people in this room!

- I know it can - said Noemi, the sister leaning against Natalie - but you know very well that Mom is not very sociable with strangers.

His sisters were talking and decided to go to sleep right away. Natalie went to sleep later, as she was still going to say her prayers. She opens her children's prayer booklet and begins to pray. But that first night, while praying, she heard the door open. At first she thought it was her mother... But it wasn't! They were women she had never seen in her life. They held a chandelier in their hand and appeared to float rather than walk. Terrified and shaking with fear, Natalie wakes up the sisters, who are also frightened.

- My God! Who are they? – Noemi asked scared – They are ghosts, look.

- They don't talk - Natalie said - they look more like those movie effects.

The strange women stood in front of the girls with the candlesticks in their hands, signaling for all the girls to follow. Natalie's younger sister Nancy couldn't help but cry. As soon as she heard the girl's cry, the strange women disappeared into thin air, as if they had gone up in smoke.

Their mother ran into the room, hugged all three of them and started to reassure them that it was just a nightmare. She stayed in the room for a while until everyone was asleep, but Natalie just pretended to sleep so the sisters wouldn't be so scared. As soon as their mother left the room, she opened her eyes and couldn't sleep anymore.

- Our Father who art in heaven...

The following night, the strange apparitions had returned. Natalie was scared just like last night. But this time she didn't wake the sisters, so as not to scare them again. The women, just like the first time, beckoned her to follow them. She, even with her entire body trembling, got up from the bed and began to follow the strange women along the path they were indicating.

When they both reached the basement, the women were pointing at one of the walls and before they could do anything else, hideous and monstrous clawed hands, which looked like a blackened fog, came out of it and pulled them inside, abruptly and terrifyingly. . Screams of pain could be heard on the other side of the wall.

The other day, when everyone was having breakfast, Natalie told her parents everything she had witnessed the night before and all the adults who listened to her report always said the same thing: that she had had a nightmare.

- That's just because you still haven't gotten used to the new house, my angel - said her father - when you really get used to it, your mind won't imagine these things anymore.

- Not to mention that we had a recent funeral in the family - said his mother - or did you forget that one of your cousins, Emanuele, died recently?

- But mother...

- But nothing! – Her father exclaimed – Now have the coffee you were supposed to be at school.

Natalie tried in vain to warn everyone about the strange sightings. But her family members only understood that she was telling the truth, when everyone, without exception, also saw the strange women who appeared every night, always pointing to the same place and the demonic hands held them tightly, pulling them into the wall. from the basement, and you can hear the screams of pain and agony on the other side.

Suspicious, Natalie's father decided to hire bricklayers so that they would tear down the wall where the late-night women always pointed. It was an extremely thick wall, built with bricks and rebar, as if someone didn't want what was behind it to not be revealed.

When the wall came down and the light came in, the horror: they found the skeleton of a woman, sitting and tied to a chair made from the body parts of others. In her lap, a Bible sealed with duct tape. This chair was in the center of a pentagram made with blood and at each end of the pentagram, the head of a different woman, without eyes and tongue.

- Oh my God! – Exclaimed the girls' father, taking his hand to his mouth - That's... Everyone get out of here, fast, let's go!

Natalie's father called the police and especially the priest of the nearest church, as he knew that this was black magic. And when the priest arrived, he found that it really was a macabre ritual. For when he opened the Bible, inside was a bloody needle. When he tried to pick up the needle, it fell to the ground and the structures of the house shook, as if the house was going to collapse. But the tremor was quick and nothing was shaken.

The former owner of the house was arrested immediately. He was suspected of having killed his wife, who had certainly discovered the ritual, but no one could prove anything as they had never found the body. So Natalie's father asked the priest to anoint the woman's skeleton and the heads of the others with holy oil and holy water, her family was contacted and burial was arranged. The priest also blessed the house with holy water, saying a loud exorcism prayer.

- Repeat with me, everyone! I said ALL, without exception!

« spiritus Dei ferebatur super aquas, et inspiravit in facien hominis spiraculus vitae. Sit Michael dux Meus, et Sabtabiel servus Meus in luce et per lucem. Fait verbum halitus my; et imperabo spiritus aeris hujus, et refrenabo equos solis voluntate cordis meis, et cogitatione mentis mede et mutu oculi dextri. Exorciso igitur te, creatura aeris, per Pentagrammaton et in nomine Tetragrammaton, in quibus sunt voluntas firma et fides recta. Amen. Selah. Fiat”.

The ghosts of the strange women, who were extremely religious and had discovered their younger brother's satanic pact to get rich and so he used them as part of the ritual, removing all their blood, mutilating them, assembling the bizarre chair with parts of their bodies, tying their own wife and then walling them up, never appeared in the house again. But none of Natalie's family wanted to live there anymore.

The solution was to sell the house and move to another in another neighborhood. Natalie liked the new house and especially the quiet nights, where the strange women came with their chandeliers, to sit at the head of her and her sisters' beds, to stroke their hair while the girls slept.

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