Michael Webster

Webster, in junior school had always wanted a way abroad to continue schooling and meet his father. While in Junior school none of his tea mates liked him but got to be best friends with Mia, their new mates who teams up with Webster to win a national school competion which would send to the winner on a scholarship abroad

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Love At First Sight

The story talks about a young boy who is called Webster. He was born in an affluent home but didn't have many friends because they perceived him as a boy who was all-knowing and didn't like his style of learning because he always liked to learn alone even if they were shared into groups.

On one Monday morning, Webster was dressed in his school uniform as usual and was ready to go to school.He took all what he needed including his bag,books and pencils and never forgot a thing at home.He set off for school and as always and he was reading his favourite storybook Oliver Twist on his way.About five minutes he reached school and went in for roll call that morning,after the roll call he went to sit on his seat alone.Webester was the only boy to sit alone because his friends described him as too stingy and all-knowing just because he was Brilliant and they envied him so he never sat with any of his mates even once from childhood. This made Webster sometimes sad in school but always focused on his studies. Breaktime arrived and Webster had so much to eat that he even left some for lunch. Breaktime passed by soon and they continued studies till lunch. He enjoyed the studies so much because it was his favorite subject (Maths). Lunch came and he noticed that his food was missing so he decided to ask his mates but no one showed any sign of it's whereabouts. That lunch, Webster didn't eat and sat down quiet thinking if one of his mates would offer him food but none did it. The bell rang and soon was closing. He went home early that day because he felt too hungry and wanted food to eat. In the night he finished all his homework but noticed that he didn't write one last assignment so he decided to go early the next day and finish it up and prayed before sleeping.

Early Tuesday morning,He went to school so early because he wanted to copy and finish the work before anyone arrives. Successfully, Webster was able to finish the work before his mates came. After the first lesson,a beautiful girl entered the room together with one of their teachers.Her name was Mia and was directed to sit beside Webster because he was the only person with no one sitting beside him. Webster felt so happy that he couldn't control himself because no one had ever sat with him before. At break, Webster and Mia has already became acquainted with each other. They ate Webster's food at break and ate Mia's food when it was lunch. Many people tried to pollute Mia's mind to stop being friends with Webster but their effort went in vain.

Within a week,Webster and Mia already became best friends to the extent that,the first person to finish dressing up would go to the other person's house just to wait for him/her.Webster was so committed that he would not even think twice but do everything Mia says because it was his first time he had such a friend.

On one random Saturday night,Webster and Mia were chatting and seen below

Webster: Hi Mia

Mia: Hello Webster

Webster:yesterday you didn't come visit me so I went worried and decided to ask you how are you doing?

Mia:Oh.. I'm fine but I was kinda busy so I couldn't come around

Webster:No worries... but you should have told me earlier,I kept waiting but no arrival

Mia:Sorry Webs.. won't happen again

Webster:Okay Mia

Mia:I have something to tell you..... can I tell you how I feel

Webster:Oh sure,it no big deal right

Mia:I think I'm falling for you

Webster:Really?🙂,since when

Mia:It's not been that long but that's how I feel

Webster: Sometimes I feel happy around you but I'm not sure it's to that extent

Mia:I feel like I really love you❤️ Webs


Mia:Why aren't you talking Webs.. is it abs n to love someone

Webster:It's not that.... I...I just dunno what to say,I'm so happy and confused right now

Mia:Don't be confused...

Webster: I hope you're telling me the truth

Mia:Yh,why would I lie,it seems like you don't believe it

Webster: I'm just surprised because I've never even had a friend like you

Mia:That shows that I love you


Mia:Good night Webs....sweet dreams❤️

That night,Webster slept thinking about what Mia said the whole night and even got it in his dreams

This made him oversleep and woke up late in the morning.He kept think about it all day which made him very happy.

Monday morning it was time to go to school and Webster intentionally waited for Mia to come to his house

It came true,he heard a knock on his door and he went out.It was Mia dressed in her uniform beautifully. Mia held Webster's hand and they went to school together.That day was Webster's best day in school.He answered every question in class and acted differently. Everyone was surprised because it wasn't the usual quiet Webster.....

End of Chapter one

© Michael®

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