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Is there a possibility that person like us will fall in love with a ghost? Elirain Madison, a nursing student in Saint Mary's University that have a third eye, believe that there is a possibility that there are chances that we may fall inlove with the ghost. For Eli, having a third eye is not an easy experience for those like him who are not trained in how to control it. Until she met Warren the ghost boy who was always by her side and one of the ghosts also asking her for help. out of a desire to remove his third eye and help Warren they approached an experienced person to help them with their problem. But everything must be tortured. Because he really wants to lose his third eye and Warren also wants to know what his unfinished business really is, they agreed and became partners in a paranormal mission to help and solve the problem. 5 unfinished business of different ghosts. In an instant he didn't expect to fall for a ghost like Warren. Only now did Eli feel a love that was nothing like the horror, he repeatedly questioned himself why in another ghost? Should she continue to feel for Warren even though she knows that one day it will be a butterfly that will come into the light of heaven and leave her alone?

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Everyone is given unique abilities, some people can sing, dance and do the things that other people cannot do.

What if the ability given to you is to see a ghosts, would you accept it?

I was 16 years old when I discovered that I had the ability to see ghosts, that day I received this ability it was the day I had an accident with my parents, a car accident.

I don't want to have this ability anymore but is there still a choice for me to give it up? Maybe I shook my head in that accident so I'm like this now. I'm like this now that I'm alone in life because they're dead, they've been picked up by light of heaven.

For others that ability is very cool but they don't know that it is very difficult in my position.

Every time I come out of the house they are always around me, they ask for my help but I ignore them because I want a quiet life until he came into my life.

He's Warren, the ghost boy who give color in my life again and again.

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