Wyatt trail

Follow Jacob and Jaxon as they hunt down the monsters in the dark

Horror Geistergeschichten Nur für über 18-Jährige.

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Chapter one

It was late 2000 me and my twin brother Jaxon were in Springfield Illinois tracking down a shapeshifter that had been robbing people’s own homes disguised at them selves. It was our first hunt on our own our mother has hit by a car in 1984 and our father had died of cancer in June of that year he was also a green beret it was November. Our father left us his dark blue 67 mustang and all of his weapons from shotguns to silver bullets and knives. We waited in an alley for him to show up he went inside then he turned on the light, and we heard screaming so we jumped out of the car and ran inside to see him holding a woman by the arm attempting to rape her I had my 357 revolver with a six inch barrel with silver bullets. I yelled,” let her go you motherless peace of shit!” He said,” I know you to your the Harris brothers.” Jaxon asked,” how does an ugly peace of shit know about us?” I chimed in with,” I couldn’t care how you know us you should’ve crawled back up your mothers asshole if you don’t want to die.” Then he took off running and bust out a window we took off after him I jumped out the window and on to a dumpster while Jaxon ran to cut him off on the other side. I chased him for a few blocks before he ran into a wall I cornered him he turned to me and said,” your dead the second you started chasing me.” I looked and said,” not quite.” He ran at me and I put three in his chest. He looked down at his chest and released what they were just before he dropped dead. Then Jaxon ran around the corner and said,” great fucking job Jacob.” We went back to the car and left the city as fast as we could.

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