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Description of the liberal woman

When it comes to describing the liberal woman and her characteristics, this and this only is for men and women, but mostly men to get the understanding of, as this is of importance to know and grasp. This kind of woman is the kind of woman that all men should know about, because most men are married to them, have children by them and are friends with them in high school, college, university or at work. The liberal woman is the main person that men should watch out for, like walking through a neibourhood while seeing a gate with a sign that says in qouts "beware of the dogs," as dogs bark, jumping the hell out of you as you pass the gate.

The liberal woman comes in all shapes and sizes in other words body types. She comes in all racises, colors and creeds. The liberal woman is the kind of woman that is not wife material, and is not submissive to a man. The liberal woman would always seek for a career instead of seeking to be in a long term relationship with a man and being a house wife, as it has to do with doing her wife and motherly duties which she hates. She is the kind of woman that likes to keep a man in the friendzone, while comparing herself to him. She is the kind of woman that would want to be equal to a man, that wants to be a man and do the same things that men do, while working the same jobs that men work and be twice as better than him at it, being a toxic feminist. The liberal woman is a woman that always likes being independent, as she never wants a man defining her or tell her what to do. She is the kind of woman that not only wants to work in the corruperate world, but would like to go up the ranks as being either a manager or CEO of the company as she enjoys the authority she has over the man in the work place especially in corruperate America. She dispises being in qoute, "barefoot and pregnante" and being a stay at home mom as she believes in, 'stay at home Dads,' as they want the man to be feminine wearing the dress.

The liberal women always likes to be equal to a man, or would go so far as to wanting to take a man's position as the head, wishing she had a penis. She would alway have a crave and a hunger for power and rulership over men, just like a person that is hungry will hunger for food and like a celebrity that craves for fame and they attention from fans. The liberal woman always likes to wear the pants in the relationship if she is in one, while having the man serve her. Just like the BLM, she hates to see the man as the head and him being incharge. It is a known and common thing for people to hate former president Donald J. Trump, for the reason they hate him is because he stands for male athourity, the samething every man should inspired to be. Trump is described as a guy that has a rulership mindset, or as I would say the mind of a ruler and a leader. The reason for all the hatred for Donald Trump is because he stands for the masculin man, and a man that sees through the feminist bullshit. The same kind of man that the liberal woman hates and can't stand, for the kind of man that they love are ones that or weak, submissive, simple and LGBT sissified males. Another reason that people hate Donald Trump is because he stand for masculinity and manliness, for the ideal person that the democrates in America wanted to have as president is a woman, for the masculin male being incharge is looked at as a bad thing in this current western society that we live in.

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