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After the world has crumbled due to a deadly disease, leftover people are divided in two categories i.e adults and kids. All the kids until 20 lives in a place called mainland. But when Sawyer starts to suspect the loyalty of mainland she must decide whether to trust her instincts or trust the place that saved her and all other people in the hard time..... .........................

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The beauty that never fades

The sun-kissed my face as I walked through the aisle between the trees. When was the last time I saw the sun?... it felt beautiful.

"Keep walking', Archie pushed me.

"Don't do that again Archie", I gave him a death stare but it wasn't enough to stop him.

"Why not?", he said mockingly and pushed me again.

"Leave her be Arc", Darren stepped in. He was the only one Archie would listen to.

I saw birds and felt the fresh air while walking.

"I told you I will be fine...I don't need protection"

"You know it's not your place to decide", Archie spoke with pride in his words. Darren looked at me and his smile was enough to calm me down. I still remember the time when I first saw Darren, my whole world lit up. He was like light in the dark for me. We met first in the mainland when our reality turned into a nightmare...a day none of us could ever forget.

We reached the mystic tree after walking for hours. Archie wouldn't stop annoying me the whole time.

"Okay...we are here", he said and tapped the twig hanging along the old branch. It fell right in his hands.

Darren gave him a neutral look and I couldn't stop laughing. He tried to stick it back but at the end just wrapped it in some leaves.

The tree was huge and so beautiful. All the apples were right on the top.

"Okay, go now", Darren uttered and gave me a bag to collect them.

I nodded and took it from him.

This was the only advantage I got as one of the climbers in the mainland. I was better off than others because of this... at least that's how I always saw it.

I climbed the tree feeling all the wind on my face. It felt free and beautiful. Climbing was one of the things that kept me intact, I was broken but it saved me.

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Biscuit Chips Biscuit Chips
This seemed so beautiful and had an asthetic feeling to it:)))
July 04, 2022, 03:11

  • Aleeha Me Aleeha Me
    Thank you... I am glad you liked it 🥺😀 July 04, 2022, 04:21

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